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Moxy Birmingham

Marriott has introduced the exciting debut of Moxy Birmingham, their chic and budget-friendly lifestyle boutique brand. Nestled right next to the NEC, this hotel combines the essence of a boutique hotel with captivating design, all within a compact yet generously spacious setting.

Renowned for its commitment to incorporating local themes, Moxy Birmingham is no exception. As soon as you enter, you’ll notice the subtle touches of musicality that permeate the entire establishment.

This hotel is a stylish tribute to the music industry, perfectly aligned with its proximity to the NEC, which regularly hosts some of the globe’s most renowned musicians.


Design features such as LEDs were added to the final design which can be driven by sounds or just put to certain sequences or colours

Inspired by musicality

In order to align with Moxy’s philosophy and uphold some of Lazerian’s core principles, it became imperative to integrate music and musical elements extensively into the design. Establishing a connection and association with the location was crucial, and sound naturally emerged as a pivotal component. However, incorporating actual sound proved unfeasible due to the high foot traffic and the diverse range of events held in the foyer, which serves as both a welcoming area and a multifunctional space for dining, working, and entertainment, catering to a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences.

Addressing the challenge of embracing the concepts of sound, music, and place led to the conception of “Soundwaves.” The phrase “At the Moxy Birmingham” was specifically recorded for this purpose, coinciding with the well-recognized hashtag used by Moxy on their social media platforms, creating a meaningful connection to the company. Subsequently, this recorded phrase was visualized through a sound visualizer, and the resulting waveform was transformed into a three-dimensional representation.

The subsequent phase of the design process aimed to ensure that the sculpture was positioned away from any ceiling services in the reception area while also guiding visitors in a specific direction toward the reception desk, creating a seamless flow within the space.

To enhance the final design, features like LEDs were incorporated. These LEDs can be activated by sound or programmed with various sequences and colors. Currently, the sculpture is set to the iconic purples and blues associated with the Moxy brand. However, the flexibility to modify these colors to align with specific dates and events is readily available. This adaptability makes the piece versatile and interchangeable, ultimately resulting in a distinctive and diverse visual experience.