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Our projects range from a wide variety of art and design processes. Our main focus is to create pieces that can give heart and soul to the space using the medium of art and design. 

The narrative of a project is usually a representation of the history and culture of the area and place. We aim to make this unique and site specific. Our creative process combines traditional handcraft techniques combined with computer based design techniques. 

Projects with a largely positive social impact are extremely important to Lazerian. It’s important to spot opportunities to make something that no one else has created, to challenge the norm, be curious and passionate but at the same time solve problems.

Smouldering Head

Smouldering Head is a sculptural installation created for the Ectrims exhibition for Sanofi. The main purpose was to illustrate a new discovery- Smouldering Disease, which is featured in the early stages of Multiple Sclerosis

Message in a Bottle

A layered and multi-dimensional piece, Message in a Bottle represents the circular economy and encourages thoughtful discussion on our impact and the future of the environment. In celebration of Earth Day this immersive and evolving sculpture will be in Borough Yards in London SE1 from 24th April for two weeks

Recover E : Mini Formula E Envision racing car

Lazerian and Envision Racing have launched an exciting new competition called Recover E, inviting young innovators and designers to join their Race Against Climate Change. The competition aims to raise awareness about the millions of tonnes of electrical products that are discarded every year, which could be used to power the transition to a cleaner, greener world

Lightning Bolt

A lightning bolt art sculpture designed and made using neon tubing was created as part of an international pharmaceutical campaign for Astella to promote their new wonderdrug Xtandis

Spirit of Place installation

A collaboration between Lazerian and Daren Newman for Manchester’s Sky Garden at Castlefield Viaduct. With words from Castlefield Forum they designed and created ‘Spirit of Place’ using a bespoke type specifically designed for the artpiece which now has centre place in the National Trust renovated sky park.


Visual is a thoughtful metal sculpture representing the word Visual in British Sign Language. Commissioned by the National Lottery: Good Causes, People Portraits to create an art piece to represent the work and influence of deaf producer, rapper and performer Signkid AKA Kevin Walker


Lazerian’s Calico project is a bespoke collection of pieces designed and manufactured for Calico, Manchester’s new home for creative enterprise. The project includes the creation of the reception area, stairs, planters, and stools, with inspiration taken from the building’s rich history.

Celebration of Polar Bears

A Celebration of Polar Bears is a seasonal festive exterior installation situated at Tony Wilson Building, First St in Central Manchester.

Recover E plastic car- 1:1 replica of a Formula E racing car

Working with Envision Virgin Racing and Kids Against Plastic, Lazerian has created a 1:1 replica of a Formula E car that was showcased at Cop26 to highlight the importance of awareness of the damage of single use plastics.


Shot is a unique chandelier art installation created by Lazerian and installed in the reception area at Moxy Chester. The piece is a representation of the historical significance and cultural elements of the location. The sculpture is inspired by the shot tower, which sits opposite the Moxy hotel and was historically used to produce lead shots for ammunition. 


An exciting new venture and a natural progression from Lazerian comes Lazerian Space. An immersive multi-sensory venture based at 24-26 King St, Manchester, the space houses 6 large individually designed stations. All of which are unique in shape, size, and colour.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Based at Lazerian’s first retail space on King St, Curiosity Killed the Cat is an art sculpture that is the result of a project from public art event creators Wild in Art – 50 Windows of Creativity. The idea is that the work will grow for the duration of the project with new creative pieces being added sporadically to either be displayed in the empty retail store on King St and/or displayed on the online store to purchase.

Lines of Thought

Lines of Thought is an art installation specifically created for independent theatre group 53two. The installation draws its inspiration from the cotton trade that once thrived in the area, and aims to celebrate the rich industrial history of Manchester.

Corona Paintborne series

Corona inspired artwork created using a sculptural 3D visual representation of the corona virus itself

#togetherband sustainable cardboard dome

A sustainably designed cardboard dome exhibited at Art Basel


An amalgamation of sound, music and creativity is the inspiration and formation of this spectacular 3D interior piece.


Led by Lazerian the Manchester community collected recycled bottles which were then filled with paint and strategically placed to create a exterior statement piece known as the Angel in the meadow. A sustainable project that brought the community together and taught people about recycling

Erddig Hall

A seasonal specific exterior project for the National Trust resulted in a collection of wooden sculptural tree formations created using locally crafted sustainable birch ply

Weaver Bird

A heritage inspired creation created using a metal woven technique. This public art sculpture stands tall in Darwen Market Square

Frog interior

Interior shop fit for art led floristy studio Frog for their concession at Selfridges, Trafford Centre.

Maple Tree

A 40ft interior tree art sculpture for the foyer of 3 Hardman St in Spinningfields, Manchester.

Morpheus- Manchester Garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

This 3D site specific exterior sculpture was displayed in the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show in pride of place within the Manchester Garden

Bubble Dynamics- Cottonopolis

Commissioned by Japanese craft beer Asahi, this statement sculptural piece is displayed over the bar at Manchester bar/restaurant Cottonopolis.

Skoda Cardboard Car

Commissioned by SKODA to create a life size cardboard replica of the Karoq with added extras inside.

Seven Sisters

A series of public art exterior sculptures were created for the redevelopment of Winsford Town Park

Local Fish

4m Cod paper fish sculpture for Hull 2017 City of Culture and G.F Smith


Art In Manufacturing series for The National Festival of Making in Blackburn

Purina Dog

3D paper dog model as part of an immersive AR experience for Purina as part of a marketing campaign in the USA

Polar Bear

Standing at 2.5m tall and 6m long the Manchester Polar Bear was designed and created from aluminium geometric shapes


Created as the result of a challenge from leading Greenwich brewers- Meantime, the Hop-back bar stool was designed and made in 6 weeks using recycled brewing waste.

Made in Italy|Designed in Britain – Split dress

Split dress designed and created using innovative Alcantara material as part of Made in Italy|Designed in Britain fashion exhibition,


A piece of functional, public-realm furniture that takes its inspiration from the purity of human expression

Unique Edition Geralds-Paper dog art sculptures

Gerald the Lazerian dog. 19 limited edition unique designs from various international designers and artists.

Ping Pong!

A series of interior art sculptures that are part of a collection inspired and reflecting the world we live in at the time.

Cardboard Furniture- Honeycomb collection

A collection of sustainable cardboard furniture pieces. Designed and created using computer design techniques to form triangular columns

Pupa- Waste not Want it

A sustainable cardboard pod like structure created for the sanctuary of employees and visitors located in the Bloomberg offices in London.