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#togetherband sustainable cardboard dome

Project Year



UBS & Bottletops #togetherband

Commissioned to create a sustainable cardboard dome and to follow the ethics of the #togetherband philosophy were the necessary requirements for this creative design project. 


Sustainable accessories brand Bottletops the organisation behind the #togetherband movement joined forces with global financial firm UBS, who are founding partners of #togetherband to launch the movement on April 22nd, 2019 which was also World Earth Day, setting out to engage the world with the 17 United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through creativity and culture.

Cinema style pod made from white cardboard paper material. Displayed in Art Basel by design studio Lazerian

As Lazerian is passionate about sustainability and also creativity and culture the partnership with the two prestigious brands was significant. Wanting to build a structure that was creative, aesthetically pleasing and sculptural as well as environmentally sound was the primary focus. As Lazerian has vast knowledge and experience in sustainable materials and processes this was a task that was well in our means to both design and manufacture. 

Wide shot of a art exhibition room with a white dome pod in the corner. the dome was designed and created by design studio Lazerian.

Sustainable creative design

We have always believed in the power of sustainable design and creative culture to engage people powerfully in development issues. Through #TOGETHERBAND we are thrilled to combine artisanal craftsmanship with the immediacy and reach of social media to facilitate a cross cultural conversation around the Global Goals as we engage everyone who wants to come together for a healthy future.

At the 2020 Art Basel the UBS art studio was dedicated to #togetherband. Within the space an immersive film screening area was required. The dome, as well as meeting all the other elements required, was the perfect object for the job. Acting as a screening area the design and outer compartments of the dome had to be of the highest quality design and pleasing to the eye.


Made out of white recycled cardboard the sculptural form was also demountable in design. It was important that all elements of the booth be sustainable, be suitable to be used multiple times and customised for the installation at Art Basel.