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Moxy Chester

Shot is a unique chandelier art installation created by Lazerian and installed in the reception area at Moxy Chester. The piece is a representation of the historical significance and cultural elements of the location. The sculpture is inspired by the shot tower, which sits opposite the Moxy hotel and was historically used to produce lead shots for ammunition. 

The horses and soldiers were all created by hand in the Lazerian workshop. The design process involved casting thousands of lead soldiers and horses with imperfections, giving them the appearance of having been shot. The purpose of this was to highlight the brutal past people had gone through to allow us to be where we are today.

The lead shots originally used in the Shot tower were made by melting lead at the top of the tower and then pouring it through a sieve. As the lead fell down the tower, it naturally formed a ball and landed in a bath of water to instantly cool them.

The same essence was captured in the installation, as if it was raining these lead soldiers and horses within the hotel. It was important to have the impression of ‘rain’ in the hotel sculpture to interpret the historical aspect of lead making and the inclusion of the processes within the neighbouring tower.  

Close up of hands writing a number on a sticky paper as part of a work in progress shot of a large scale reception area hotel welcome piece
Hand close up of worker creating a part of a larger hanging sculpture piece for a bespoke reception area art piece for a hotel in Chester
Close up of working hands creating a part of a larger art sculpture in a workshop in Manchester

historical significance captured perfectly

The long cylindrical form of the chandelier is the same as the shot tower. The tower’s historical significance is captured perfectly in the piece, with its representation of the brutal past of the people who worked there. The installation is an evocative and thought-provoking work of art that is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.

The installation’s location in the reception area of the hotel is perfect, as it is one of the first things guests see when they enter the building. The piece’s scale and attention to detail are truly impressive, and it is clear that a lot of time and effort has gone into its creation. Having worked with the Moxy hotel group before it was important to look at contributing factors and influences from the surrounding area and also take into account the influences the actual hotel used in its own architectural and interior design. 

Lower view of a hanging art installation sculpture that is situated in the lobby of the Moxy hotel in Chester

The use of lead in the installation is significant. The metal is known for its toxicity, and its use in the production of bullets was controversial in the past. The lead soldiers and horses cast in the installation reflect the harmful effects of lead on the environment and the people who worked in the shot tower. By using lead in the installation, Lazerian highlights the negative impact of human actions on the environment.

Close up of several hand made horse and soldier steel pieces with taped numbers on and string. Being made at Lazerian workshop in Manchester for Chester Moxy hotel reception area.

One of the most impressive aspects of the chandelier art sculpture in the Moxy Hotel reception area is the way in which it has been designed to be viewed from different angles. When viewed from a balcony above, the sculpture and its line of vision offers a unique perspective, the same as looking down the barrel of a gun.


The barrel-like shape of the sculpture is an intentional design choice that creates a strong visual impact, highlighting the brutal history of the shot tower and the production of lead shot for ammunition. It also reinforces the connection between the chandelier and the historical context in which it was created.



Hanging art sculptural chandelier from Lazerian in the reception area of the Moxy hotel in chester

Moreover, the sculpture’s position is symbolic of the shot tower’s location. The shot tower is situated on the other side of the canal water opposite the hotel, and the chandelier’s orientation mirrors this relationship. It serves as a visual reminder of the historical significance of the shot tower, and its importance to the cultural heritage of Chester.

The intentional design choices made in creating the chandelier art sculpture in the Moxy Hotel reception area are a testament to the skill and creativity of the Lazerian team. From the carefully crafted lead soldiers and horses to the barrel-like shape of the sculpture and its strategic placement, every detail has been considered to create a truly remarkable work of art that pays tribute to the past while looking towards the future.

Hanging sculpture from the reception area of the Chester Moxy hotel
Focus is on a hanging art sculpture of metal wires with lead model horses and soldiers attached

The chandelier is not just a stunning work of art; it is also a feat of engineering. The installation is massive and requires significant structural support to hang safely. The design team had to work closely with the hotel’s engineers to ensure the piece was secure and would not pose a hazard to hotel guests. The result is a breathtaking installation that enhances the hotel’s ambiance and impresses guests.

Full view- hanging art sculpture in lobby of Moxy hotel. Image is a close up of lead soldiers and horses in full display
Hanging sculpture on display in the lobby of Chester hotel Moxy. Created by Manchester artist Lazerian
Full view of a hanging sculpture made by Lazerian and displayed in Chester hotel Moxy
Close up view of hanging sculpture in Moxy hotel in Chester
WIP shot of horses and lead soldiers on wires in Lazerian workshop and studio in Manchester
A work in progress shot of lead soldiers and horse lay out on the floor of Lazerian workshop

The installation is not only a celebration of the past, but it is also a nod to the future. The use of imperfections in the cast soldiers and horses represents the idea that progress is not always perfect, but it is still progress. Shot invites us to reflect on the past, appreciate the present, and look forward to the future.

In conclusion, Shot is a thought-provoking and powerful installation that captures the historical and cultural significance of its location while also commenting on human impact on the environment. The piece is not only a great work of art but also a conversation starter that invites reflection and discussion. 

A view from the underneath of a close up of horses and soldiers from Lazerians eyecatching creative art piece in the lobby of Moxy Chester hotel
Left hand side of image is a hanging shot of Lazerians art installation piece that drapes in the welcome reception area lobby of Moxy hotel in chester
Close up of Lazerians art piece on display in the moxy hotel in chester
Wide angled view of the focal art piece at Moxy Chester reception. The piece features several hundred long wires with small soldiers and horses attached suspended from the lobby ceiling.