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Purina Dog

Project Year




Purina Veterinary Diets wanted to create something unique and to showcase the real purpose behind the range but in a innovative and creative way.

Purina VD assist veterinary surgeons to help provide nutritional support for specific health conditions. They are backed by decades of scientific research and specially formulated according to the latest knowledge in the field of veterinary science and clinical nutrition.

About to embark on a annual veterinary conference but with no new product or issues to focus on, it was time to explore how to communicate the benefits to vets about Purina VD in a language they would understand and more importantly can interact with.


Augumented reality experience

It was decided to go for a AR theme and make the whole stand more of an experience. However a stand out marker to attract the attention of thousands of visitors to the conference was needed.

A 3D paper dog model was designed and created specifically for Purina with its own unique coat that was devised to be distinctive and catch visitors eyes.

The dog was placed on a shelf with a large wide screen television mounted above it to attract further attention





For the AR side and experience Purina wanted to showcase how Purina Veterinary Diets’ probiotic, FortiFlora works to bring balance to a pets gastrointestinal system. Its an unique and encapsulated probiotic that is proven to help promote intestinal health and microflora balance.

As the conference was full of vet (Purinas target market for this range) the AR experience really brought to life what the benefits of this diet can achieved by using state of the art technology combined with a handcrafted paper model.

It allowed the audience to interact and physically see the difference on screen. To scan the paper dog structure and reveal the inner workings of the diet compared to other types of healthy and non-healthy nourishment.