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Lightning Bolt

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Lazerian was recently tasked with creating an eye-catching and visually striking art piece for a crucial pharmaceutical campaign. The art piece is essential in highlighting the importance of one of the latest drugs in the market, developed by Astellas.

Initially, the sculpture was a centerpiece at an Italian medical exhibition that focused on the latest advancements in cancer treatment, particularly prostate cancer, and will now travel globally to convey the important message to the world.

Given the significance of the campaign, Lazerian had to come up with something truly special that would grab the attention of the right people and convey the message of hope and progress in the fight against cancer. After careful consideration, it was settled that it would be a sculpture shaped like a lightning bolt, a symbol of energy and power.

The lightning bolt sculpture became an integral part of the campaign and will be traveling globally to different medical conferences, where it continues to promote advancements in prostate cancer treatment. It serves as a visual representation of the message that this drug is bringing hope to those battling prostate cancer, and it highlights the progress that has been made in the fight against cancer.

The lightning bolt sculpture was meticulously hand-formed using metal and neon lights, giving it a unique and futuristic look. The metal was carefully curved to create the distinctive zigzag shape of a lightning bolt, and the neon lights were intricately woven around it to provide a glowing effect. The final result was a stunning piece of art that radiated energy and vitality.

making a difference

The sculpture was put on display at the initial exhibition in Milan, where it quickly became the centerpiece of the event. Attendees were mesmerised by the sculpture’s intricate details and the way it illuminated the room with its neon lights.

A overhead view of a medical exhibition stand featuring a neon artwork piece by UK designer and artist Lazerian
A view of people visiting a medical conference with the focus being a neon colourful art sculpture by British artist and designer Liam Hopkins of lazerian

Overall, Lazerian’s lightning bolt sculpture was a huge success, capturing the attention of attendees and helping to promote the importance of this drug in the fight against prostate cancer. It was a testament to the power of art to convey a message and make a difference in people’s lives. Its inclusion in the campaign has helped to raise awareness about the drug and its benefits. It has become an iconic symbol of hope for patients with prostate cancer and a testament to the power of art to promote social causes.