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LAZERIAN SPACE is a new exciting venture for Lazerian. Stepping into the world of artistically creative experiences has been something that has a natural step in the evolution of Lazerian.

A immersive multi-sensory venture currently based at 24-26 King St, Manchester, the space houses 6 large individually designed stations. All of which are unique in shape, size and colour.

Due to open to the public on Tuesday 15th June, the space will be selling locally sourced cakes, pastries and bespoke handmade chocolates. Also being served will be freshly brewed locally roasted coffee as well as specialist artisan teas. Not forgetting beers, wines and spirits from neighbouring brewers and suppliers.
Including locally sourced products and working alongside neighbouring suppliers is very important to this project. With all small businesses being affected by the pandemic in more ways than one it was vital to involve them in this concept.
Also suppliers were carefully considered due to their eco-credentials and sustainability. It is essential to work with people who have the same objectives and goals.


The ideology of the space is to create a fully sustainable circular economy. Customers will get a chance to contribute to an original sculpture that will be designed and created using all the plastic cups that will be continuously collected throughout the experience. People will have the choice of using the recyclable plastic for their drinks or to simply go for a ceramic cup. With the opportunity to contribute to a contemporary original piece of modern art the whole experience is ensuring that customers are involved and being immersed into the world of art and design.

As well as helping to shape future art pieces, wooden cutlery will be repurposed in the Lazerian workshop as a heat and power source- mainly for ceramic usage. 

It will also help in the efforts to make the space Covid-secure. 

Another sustainable effort is the interior décor of the space- over 6500 plastic bottles amassed from the sea were used to create the fabric that forms the avant-garde style of the intramural section of the large structured pods.

Inspired by recent circumstances, in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, the environment, particularly the pods, have been created to represent our isolation and the ‘bubbles’ we are all experiencing and have been a part of. The pods epitomise the concept of an alien environment but in a fun and less sombre way. As the majority of the population have felt some sort of negative connotation with regards to quarantine, now is the time to have fun, celebrate and experience new and exciting things. LAZERIAN SPACE is a way to do this in a safe and creative manner. It’s about changing people’s perceptions with regards to being in a bubble and to use that as a positive rather than a negative. The idea is that visitors can then feel immersed, engaged and heightened due to the environment that surrounds them and transports them away from their day to day routine.


The concept of LAZERIAN SPACE is as an immersive artistic concept and to merge together other artforms that can sometimes be lost in the midst of more well-known forms of artistic expression, such as culinary art and multi-sensory, functional artworks.

Several pieces of artwork which will be available to view in the space will all be available to purchase directly from the store.

To experience the unique hybrid of an art gallery with a café bar bookings can be made here Customers are welcome to book in hour increments (but with no limit on time)

This is the preferred choice of booking to avoid disappointment.- walk-ins are welcome but bookings will take priority. Also takeaway option is available but to gain the full experience it is advised to book a pod. 

‘ With an unforgettable year previously (due to the national pandemic), I wanted to experiment with new concepts of bringing a creative experience that will appeal to a wide variety of people and be able to stimulate all the senses. Usually my work takes on a physical form and yes, there are actual physical pieces within the store available to use and buy, but I want to make Lazerian SPACE a memorable event. There will be a lot of awe-inspiring surprises awaiting and it will certainly be different to a usual cafe/bar experience.’