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Frog interior

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Frog Florist

Holographic styles vases sitting on top of a pink desk in the style of wes anderson

A creative interior design endeavor was undertaken for Frog, a florist studio in Manchester with a strong artistic flair. This project aimed to transform their inaugural concession space within Selfridges at the Trafford Centre, serving as an expressive canvas for their inherent naturalness, spontaneity, and boundless joy.

Positioned on the luxury accessories floor, where flowers, plants, and gifts took center stage, it was vital to ensure that their merchandise remained the focal point while also captivating the attention of shoppers throughout the floor.

With a palette of brand-specific colors at our disposal and a vision inspired by the distinctive Wes Anderson aesthetic, we chose to channel these elements to guide the design process.

Natural joyful spirit

Strategic placement of specific fixtures and furniture played a pivotal role in configuring the interior layout. Given the proximity of the concession to several prestigious and renowned brands, our design concept demanded the utmost in quality and distinction.

In keeping with the distinctive Wes Anderson-inspired decor, we embarked on a reimagining of everyday objects, seamlessly integrating vintage elements. A meticulously restored 1910 horse trough was unearthed and repurposed into a sink adorned with a charming shower fixture. This not only added a captivating visual element but also fulfilled a functional role within the store, contributing to the well-being of the flowers and plants.

The sink’s striking inner illumination, rendered in a vibrant shade of yellow, served both a protective function and became a captivating focal point within the store, perfectly aligning with the creative ambiance of the overall layout and interior style.


Flourescent yellow inner with a black cage and cover on this sink for a shop interior fit out upcycled from a vintage horse trough
A image of a pink desk with colourful vases on top with dried flowers within the vases. Part of a shop refit by Lazerian for Frog Florist
A till desk area with drawers (the side you don't normally see as a customer) pink coloured on a Selfridges shop floor
Armed with a stock of brand colours and an image of the Wes Anderson style in mind it was decided that the focus of the design be led by these factors.

Choosing distinctive furniture pieces was essential to enhance the memorable ambiance and infuse a distinct style into the space. Consequently, we set out to craft a truly extraordinary and eye-catching reception desk and cash register area.

The standout feature of this setup was the striking pink desk, meticulously fashioned from vertical rods that were later adorned with a spray coat in one of the brand’s signature colors. This infusion of creative design flair resonates harmoniously with Frog’s innovative style. Additionally, the desk was carefully designed to meet functional requirements for staff members, offering ample space for visual merchandising displays and effectively showcasing marketing products.

Additional branding embellishments are strategically placed throughout the functional yet stylish furnishings. Laser-engraved logos of the brand serve as a subtle nod to Frog’s elegant style and natural ethos, aligning seamlessly with the brand’s penchant for crafting understated, meaningful interactions.

The interior shop fit also includes a classic black wrapping table and four meticulously handcrafted Wes Anderson-inspired vintage luggage trolleys, designed to facilitate the transport of customers’ purchases to the car parks. Rather than sourcing these items, they were meticulously crafted from scratch, underscoring the dedication to detail in the project.

The comprehensive concept, design, and manufacturing of the interior shop fit were masterminded by Lazerian. Collaborating closely with Frog to delve into the essence of their brand and its core values enabled the creation of a space that authentically mirrors their identity.

Close up of a fashionable rusty effect on a restored vintage horse trough acting as a sink for the interior shop layout for a florist retail store
illumines florescent yellow luggage trolleys with a black piping round the edge. Part of a shop refit by Lazerian for Frog Florist
Pink luggage trolleys for a retail store. Part of a shop refit by Lazerian for Frog Florist