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Frog interior

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Frog Florist

Holographic styles vases sitting on top of a pink desk in the style of wes anderson

An interior design project for Manchester based art lead florist studio Frog. For their first concession space in Selfridges at the Trafford Centre they needed something to express themselves and to convey their natural, uncontrived and joyful spirit.

Situated on the luxury accessories floor selling flowers, plants and gifts it was imperative that the stock be the focus but also be striking enough to entice the customers from across the floor. 

Armed with a stock of brand colours and an image of the Wes Anderson style in mind it was decided that the focus of the design be led by these factors.

Natural joyful spirit

Placement of certain fixtures and furniture were also key to the arrangement of the interior fit out. As the concession was being surrounded by a number of other high brow and leading brands our design creation had to be the highest of quality. 

As in fitting with the Wes Anderson style of decor it was decided to rethink everyday objects and incorporate vintage items. A vintage 1910 horse trough was sourced and restored to produce a sink complete with shower fixture. Not only was this visually striking it also served a purpose within the store to help keep the flowers and plants healthy. 

With a striking illumines yellow inner serving a protection purpose as well as a design talking point the sink certainly fits the creative ambience of the layout and interior style.


Flourescent yellow inner with a black cage and cover on this sink for a shop interior fit out upcycled from a vintage horse trough
A till desk area with drawers (the side you don't normally see as a customer) pink coloured on a Selfridges shop floor
Armed with a stock of brand colours and an image of the Wes Anderson style in mind it was decided that the focus of the design be led by these factors.

The selection of statement furniture was also a necessity to add to the memorable surroundings and incorporate a unique style. Therefore a magnificent and remarkable reception desk and till area was needed. 

The standout pink desk was created using vertical rods which were then spray painted using one of the brands signature colours. This added a creative design flair which is replicated in Frogs own innovative style. The desk also needed to be functional for staff members and be spacious for visual merchandising displays and marketing products. 

Side view of a interior shop fit out in Selfridges store with a vintage style horse trough with fashionable rusting effect

Additional branding extras are scattered across the functional yet stylish pieces. Laser engraved logos of the brand add a nod to the elegant style and natural approach that Frog possesses. Creating subtle interactions are what Frog are known for so the inclusion of these indirect laser engraved logos fit with the ethos perfectly. 

Also included within the shop fit is a classic black wrapping table and 4 Wes Anderson vintage inspired luggage trolleys to transport customers purchases to the car parks. These were crafted from scratch rather than sourced.


The overall concept, design and manufacturing of the interior shop fit was created by Lazerian. Working with Frog to really focus on the brand and what it stood for helped to create a space that truly reflects them for who they are. 

Close up of a fashionable rusty effect on a restored vintage horse trough acting as a sink for the interior shop layout for a florist retail store
illumines florescent yellow luggage trolleys with a black piping round the edge
Pink luggage trolleys for a retail store