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Erddig Hall

Project Year



National Trust

A series of wooden sculptural tree formations emerged as a unique outdoor design installation tailored to the seasonal ambiance at Erddig Hall, a National Trust property nestled in North Wales.

Meticulously crafted and thoughtfully positioned amidst the backdrop of this 18th-century estate, the primary objective was to offer an immersive experience to visitors while serving as guides through the enchanting Victorian gardens. These strategically placed arboreal art pieces within the hall’s expansive grounds beckoned visitors to embark on a journey of exploration, inviting them to venture into the farthest corners of the meticulously landscaped gardens.

Stretching their presence far and wide, these individual structures didn’t just lead visitors through the estate; they also conveyed the significance of art and design, demonstrating how these elements can harmoniously fuse traditional and contemporary cultural aspects.

Outdoor Sculptural Delights: Erddig Hall's Wooden Trees. An image of a single wooden tree sculpture next to some trees and a vintage outdoor stone sculpture.
The trees are crafted from local, sustainably sourced birch wood which was key to the project and the ethics of both LAZERIAN and The National Trust.

The concept aimed to bridge the divide between art and design, crafting an immersive design encounter. The project’s challenge lay in ensuring that the sculptures could function both independently and as a cohesive group.

The collection of contemporary wooden Christmas trees was thoughtfully assigned specific outdoor locations to experiment with the interplay of shadows, influenced by the varying light conditions at different times of the day.

These wooden tree sculptures drew inspiration from 1980s foil hanging-style Christmas decorations, evident in the geometric shapes employed to shape their design.

The top of a wooden tree sculptures outdoors in the gardens of Erddig Hall. Part of a 3D art design from Lazerian. A geometric wooden design

Passionate about sustainable design

The project is part of a 3 year process whereas the trees will ‘grow’ just as a natural tree would. It was important to incorporate the journey of a natural tree and show that art and design is important in the natural world.

Crafted within the LAZERIAN workshop in Manchester, these trees are a testament to a meticulous blend of artisanal techniques and advanced CNC routing technology. Their composition is a result of sustainable birch wood sourced locally, a fundamental choice aligned with the ethical principles shared by LAZERIAN and The National Trust.

Being outdoor sculptures, durability was paramount, and these pieces were designed to capture both the essence of the seasons and environmental considerations. Both LAZERIAN and The National Trust share a profound commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly design, making birch ply the natural and conscientious choice.

Ranging in height from 1.5 meters to 3 meters, these wooden sculptures graced the grounds of Erddig Hall throughout the Christmas and New Year period, inviting visitors to engage with their seasonal and environmentally conscious presence.

Outdoor Sculptural Delights: Erddig Hall's Wooden Trees. An image of a single wooden tree sculpture next to some trees and a vintage outdoor stone sculpture.