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Cardboard Furniture- Honeycomb collection

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The honeycomb range of cardboard furniture includes the Radiolaria sofa and the Bravais armchair. Both pieces of furniture have been designed and created using corrugated cardboard which was sourced locally. Collaborating with paper artist Richard Sweeney, the cardboard furniture selection was lovingly designed and created with sustainability at the forefront of both minds.


Limiting the materials to corrugated cardboard was an experimental move but one that paid off not only due to being sustainable and environmentally responsible but because it doesn’t lose durability or resistance. After recycling, corrugated cardboard does not lose quality or properties and is also more economical.

Many positive creative elements make cardboard furniture a contender. Utilizing the recycled and recyclable cardboard furniture people can lower their carbon footprint and also reduce landfill waste

A creative artistic cardboard furniture design of a sofa created using thousands of triangular components all individually cut and glued together. The sofa is from design studio Lazerian and part of the honeycomb collection.

The design process involved experimenting with columnar forms inspired by structural forms in nature such as a wasps nest and the crystalline bone structure of microscopic sea organisms known as Radiolaria. Experimental processes into the integral strength of the material was conducted and the fortitude and stability of an everyday underlooked material is astonishing. 


Computer design techniques were used to generate the form of the furniture using triangular columns, which were oriented to utilise the structural properties of the cardboard. The individual components were extracted from the virtual model to create flat layouts, which were printed to create templates for transfer onto the cardboard- over two hundred components were hand cut and glued together to create the Radiolarian sofa alone.

Close up of a creative cardboard sofa design by design studio lazerian

Sustainable furniture collection

Back view of a cardboard chair made using individual triangular components. by design studio Lazerian

The cardboard was sourced locally from John Hargreaves’ factory in Stalybridge, which produces paper from recycled pulp using machinery originally installed in 1910. For this project it was important to source locally due to the environmental factors involved and wanting to make it a sustainable product range.


Cardboard was chosen as a material of choice as it doesn’t command people’s respect in the way that metals and woods do. It is often used for ephemeral items such as bus tickets and packaging and then thrown away. It is necessary to have this undervalued, everyday material elevated and used in a creative manner. Cardboard and paper can be designed in a way to create products that spark people’s imaginations in a more creative way.


The honeycomb furniture range was launched at Milan Design Week and has been shown at various exhibitions including Grand Designs and London Design Week

Back of cardboard chair made from thousands of creative triangular components by design studio lazerian
Back of a creatively designed cardboard sofa created using thousands of triangular components. Part of the honeycomb collection by design studio Lazerian