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Ping Pong!

Project Year



Twenty twenty two

In celebration of its fresh makeover, Twenty Twenty Two, the vibrant music and art venue in Manchester, embarked on an exciting venture: an exhibition dedicated to Ping Pong-inspired design, 3D art sculptures, and illustration.

Lazerian received a special invitation to craft an inventive creation of these 3D art sculptures, staying true to its distinctive sculptural approach, provided it remained tethered to the Ping Pong theme. These sculptures were tasked with not only embodying the essence of Ping Pong but also encapsulating the contemporary world we inhabit.

The primary objective of this exhibition was to spotlight meticulously chosen creative talents, demonstrating how Ping Pong-related artistry seamlessly integrates into our daily lives.


The art of ping pong

The introduction of a designated Ping Pong room marked yet another cause for celebration. Furthermore, Twenty Twenty Two is set to enhance its art exhibitions, with the main area reserved for renowned artists, starting with the inaugural “Pong Ping” exhibition. Meanwhile, the Ping Pong room will feature a wall dedicated to emerging artists, with monthly rotations.

“The Art of Ping Pong” feature 3D art sculptures, artfully fuses the world of ping pong with the vibrant and playful realm of art, celebrating the sport’s popularity and its unique subculture.


3D Art Sculptures

Part of 3D art sculptures made from ping pong balls. Large orange and white hammer sculpture made using ping pong balls. Designed as part of a ping pong exhibition by design studio Lazerian


In the realm of competition, the desire to win often compels individuals to hammer their opponents in the game, sometimes mirroring the unintentional destruction they cause to the world with little consideration


The pill-shaped representation in ping pong symbolises not only the addictive allure of the game but also highlights the extent to which people depend on pharmaceuticals in both their pursuit of well-being and their social interactions.

Part of 3D art sculptures made from ping pong balls. Sculpture of a pill which is half orange and half white. The structure is made from ping pong balls. Designed and created by design studio Lazerian.
A CCTV sculpture created using ornage and white ping pong balls for a ping pong style exhibition in Manchester event space twenty twenty two in the Northern Quarter. designed and created by lazerian


The presence of CCTV cameras within the ping pong arena serves as a dual symbol. Firstly, it embodies the heightened intensity of a ping pong match as observed by spectators. Simultaneously, it serves as a poignant reminder that we are under constant surveillance by unseen CCTV cameras, even when unaware of their watchful gaze.


The presence of the hand within this context serves as a powerful symbol of human interaction with the game, as well as a poignant reminder of our diminishing connection to the craftsmanship of physical objects in this era of digital advancement.

Part of 3D art sculptures made from ping pong balls. Large sculpture of an orange hand created using bright orange ping pong balls. Designed and created by design studio Lazerian
White teapot sculpture created using ping pong balls. Designed and made by lazerian for a ping pong exhibition


The teapot, in this context, not only symbolises the social dimension of the sport but also holds the distinction of being the first 3D computer graphic object, ushering us into the realm of today’s 3D digital computer age.