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From: £200.00

The Urbis birdhouse has a 32mm front door perfectly suited to house sparrows and nuthatches looking to get on the property ladder and start a family home. It has stunning views for the birds who choose to reside in this beautiful home. With a picturesque landscape that includes trees, worms, bugs and plenty of fresh wildlife it will certainly cater for the majority of first time buyers. For small families with their own hatchlings or brood there is extensive space for budding footballers to have a kick about and future skateboarding birds to practice tricks! Be the envy of all your feathered friends with the spacious open floored plan this property has to offer.

Each house will be made upon purchase and your Urbis birdhouse will have its own unique patina. Editions will be how many sell up until 5th December 2020, which is also when the Manchester based art trail from 50 Windows of Creativity will end.