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005 Mecha Gerald by Andy Singleton


005 of the 101 special edition Gerald’s. Mecha Gerald is customised by Andy Singleton in a limited edition number of 500 with only 101 available online. The kit comes as a high quality print to be cut, folded and glued to create “Mecha Gerald”. Model dimensions 27 x 8 x 20cm


Gerald Statement

“I was looking for an opportunity to explore drawing my machines on a 3D object and when the opportunity to work on a Gerald came along. I thought he would be perfect chance to do it. I drew onto the flat, unmade sections of Gerald, and then the illustrated components were pieced together to build the 3D form; giving the sense of the flowing mechanical patterns merging together seamlessly I wanted to get under the skin of my Gerald. I wanted be to expose his inner workings. My Gerald is a whirring mass of wires, hydraulics and connectors. He is Lazerian’s mechanical mascot.”

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