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Deansgate Square North Tower

From: £220.00

Deansgate Square is an groundbreaking development bringing new levels of style and sophistication to your garden- hopefully not attracting too many pigeons stealing your lunch though! 

A skyscraper cluster consisting of 4 towers each unique in its height. This designer birdhouse is the North Tower-the smallest of the quartet of statuesque birdhouses but by no means does this alter the prowess and prestige that owning one of these birdhouses will bring you and your garden.

Including a 25mm aperture, this soaring high rise tower is sure to impress even the fussiest of birds. Whether it is used as a city pad for high flying birds or a weekend getaway for chicks about town, the modern and trendy amenities are sure to infuse and excite. So if you want to make a little birdhouse in your soul-act fast. Don’t forget the early bird catches the worm so make sure you buy now!

Each house will be made upon purchase and your Deansgate square North Tower designer bird house will have its own unique patina. Edition will depend on how many are sold until 5th December 2020 to coincide with the end of 50 Windows of Creativity