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Corona Paintborne 1.5


An original painting created using the Corona Paint discharger, a 3D piece inspired by the recent coronavirus and its effects. The discharger is the artists representation of the visual aspect of the corona virus particle. The artwork represents peoples experiences of lockdown in a creative and artistic way.

Part of the Corona Paintborne series, this piece is completely unique to epitomise the contracting and distinctive journey that people have overcome during lockdown. Each and every person has experienced their own particular individual experience and this is represented in the artistry and placement of colour in the painting.

The colours chosen also have a significance to the original purpose of documenting the pandemic. The rainbow crescent shape within the centre of the painting is a nod to the thousands of rainbows featured in windows around the country as a gesture to convey a message of solidarity.

Within the nodules of the Corona inspired structure is several different coloured spray cans. When moved they spray out paint to create the art paintings. The use of the spray paint is significant to represent the aerosols in the air that are caused by pollution and now carry pieces of the coronavirus and can be a major contribution to the spread of the disease.

Size- 700mm (H) x 1000mm (W)

Corona Paintborne series- 1.5

Materials used- Colorplan paper, spray paint (various colours)

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