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Beetham Tower

From: £250.00

Beetham Tower is a property developers dream. A landmark mixed use skyscraper that is recognised as one of Manchester most iconic buildings and also a permanent feature of the city skyline. For the high flying birds that want a city centre base and to fly up the property ladder this is the ideal home. An upscale urban dream with great amenities and local venues- even the classiest bird can keep their feathers looking trim. With unrivaled panoramic views and a 28mm aperture as well as a beautiful on trend corten steel exterior- what more could a bird ask for? If you are a chick who wants a night on the town or feathered friends who want to discover city life then Beetham Tower is the home for you.

Each house will be made upon purchase and your Beetham bird tower will have its own unique patina. Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this luxury, modern, designer bird house. Made from Corten steel which will age and develop a beautiful rusty patina. Edition will be how many sells until 5th December 2020.