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080 Laika Gerald by Sawdust


080 of the 101 special edition Gerald’s. Laika Gerald is customised by Sawdust in a limited edition number of 500 with only 101 available online. The kit comes as a high quality print to be cut, folded and glued to create “Laika Gerald”. Model dimensions 27 x 8 x 20cm


Gerald Statement

“Our piece is in honour of Laika the dog, the first living creature to orbit earth. Unfortunately it was reported that Laika didn’t live as long as Soviet officials led people to believe Laika was said to have died painlessly in orbit a week after blast-off. It was later revealed however that she died from overheating and panic just a few hours after the mission started. Despite surviving for just a few hours, Laika’s place in space history is assured and the information she provided proved that a living organism could tolerate a long time in weightlessness and paved the way for humans in space. Laika’s coffin circled the Earth 2,570 times and burned up in the Earth’s atmosphere on 4 April 1958. This is our tribute to her.”

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