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075 Canis Major Gerald by Rosie Roberts


075 of the 101 special edition Gerald’s. Canis Major Gerald is customised by Rosie Robers in a limited edition number of 500 with only 101 available online. The kit comes as a high quality print to be cut, folded and glued to create “Canis Major Gerald”. Model dimensions 27 x 8 x 20cm


Gerald Statement

“When I received the Gerald net to illustrate, I was struck by how it reminded me of a star constellation pattern. This became the starting point for my design. A lot of ideas for my work originate loosely in mythology and I treated this in the same way. I used myths surrounding the Canis Major constellation, specifically of the Dog Star Sirius, which forms the nose of the constellation, as inspiration for the imagery. I wanted the pattern to remain random and dispersed once the dog had been erected, rather like a random scattering of stars.”

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