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003 Dipped Gerald by A.N.D Studio


003 of the 101 special edition Gerald’s. Dipped Gerald is customised by A.N.D Studio in a limited edition number of 500 with only 101 available online. The kit comes as a high quality print to be cut, folded and glued to create “Dipped Gerald”. Model dimensions 27 x 8 x 20cm

Gerald Statement:

“As big fans of the original Gerald, we chose to approach the brief by honouring the pure and unadorned version by adding a bold visual statement that perfectly combines our design approach with Lazerian’s ingenuity. As a studio we don’t rely on a particular house style, instead we aim to create design that is always modern, clean and well-crafted. Regarding the environment for our Gerald, we imagined that he would sit in our homes or studio, so we chose a direction that focused on process; something that was bold and graphic but still respectful of the original Gerald. The idea of dipping Gerald from the legs down allowed us to add something to the form without taking anything away.”

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