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002 Pimlico Gerald by Agnes Toth


002 of the 101 special edition Gerald’s. Pimlico Gerald is customised by Agnes Toth in a limited edition number of 500 with only 101 available online. The kit comes as a high quality print to be cut, folded and glued to create “Pimlico Gerald”. Model dimensions 27 x 8 x 20cm

Gerald Statement

“The painting that forms the subject of this Gerald was partly painted in Tate Britain. It combines past and present. There are two figures on the painting, one is a well-known female character from art history and the male figure is a friend of mine who is an emerging menswear designer. The painting comes from a project called Public Spaces, where I experimented with studio boundaries, moving into a gallery space with my easel to test the limits of my capacity and patience. I intended to use a publicly known painting, which I then merged with my own ideas and images so the two became one. With the idea of using this painting, I was able to transform it to my own. I do feel that the work I appropriated now belongs to me, proving that any images I use become personal during the process. The way a Gerald is assembled, from pieces of forms and various parts are similar to the way how I work within my paintings. Each fragment has its right place in the process.”

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