Rad Leg By Pete Fowler


 15 of the 19 Unique edition Geralds. Rad Leg is customised by Pete Fowler in a one off production. 

Gerald Statement

“Having already created a vector art wood grain smaller Gerald, I decided to paint this larger version of the wonderful beast. He arrived fully formed and after promptly priming him he started looking over at me for a few days while I thought about ideas to decorate him. His presence as a dog made me want to bring out his doggy-ness rather than transforming him into something non canine so I went to work on realising his inner breed. Seeing as we had a spell of cold weather it made sense to give him a warm coat and a rather lively one to boot. As soon as he was done his character bounded out and he became a very welcome guest in my studio. I'm sad to say that I'm going to miss the old chap, but he'll soon have a pack of new friends to keep him company.