Honeywood By Guy McKinley


 04 of the 19 Unique edition Geralds. Honeywood is customised by Guy McKinley in a one off production. 

Gerald Statement

“I found the experience of designing on the Gerald dog a complex one, almost the antithesis of my usual approach. My work is usually quite heavily character based and also more importantly, flat. I painted him when he was deconstructed, bit by bit; the process was painstaking as each large dog is made of 88 single pieces. My main reasoning behind my method was just to make sure each panel stood alone as a small abstract painting, plus that using water-colours and washes and lots of flowing organic shapes would clash nicely with the rigid form Gerald has. I used the same palette throughout to maintain some consistency, but I had no idea how it may look when constructed, I got so into the painting, I kind of forgot it was eventually going to be dog shaped. When constructed, I love how the angles cut through and join other parts. It makes for an interesting study.”