A traditional manufacturing workshop in an historic former hat factory, Lazerian provides design solutions in all scales to a wide-range of individuals and organisations. Equal parts engineer and artist, the Lazerian team uses digitised design and pattern cutting facilities with creative thought to create new concepts in any colour, size or form.

Brand Experience

Lazerian creates new ways for organisations to express themselves. The studio has a history of creating innovative objects and settings for organisations that start a new conversation with their customers, whether an international music awards ceremony, trade exhibition or company headquarters.


Through the combination of pioneering concepts and materials, Lazerian has managed to develop and enhance the character and features in both residential and commercial spaces. Whether this is through the use of large scale geometric installations in paper and card, or bespoke lighting and furniture constructed with carbon fibre, creating spaces that have an striking visual impact and leave a lasting impression is central to everything we do.


From the cardboard chair to the more conventional wooden coffee table, with bespoke coloured trims, the ability of Lazerian to develop superior furniture with original design perspectives sets the studio and its clients apart.


Lightweight, contemporary and effective lighting solutions that blend art with the essence of great, risk-taking design. Paper, carbon fibre, wood and metal can come together in an almost infinite array of forms.

Product Design and Development

Lazerian creates items destined to go into commercial production, working with manufacturers to take concepts from the workshop to market. Models and props can also be designed, fabricated and tested in house, drawing on the highest design standards.

Private Commissions

Lazerian has been privileged to work in people’s homes to provide the start to a thousand conversations in the form of bespoke light-fittings, furniture and architectural installations. Collectors from around the world have sought many of the limited edition products produced by the studio, and gone one step further by requesting a unique edition of their own.