Lazerian has chosen to create a bespoke bar stool made from the same ingredients as beer, as part of Meantime Brewing’s ‘Make Time For It’ campaign

Leading craft brewer Meantime Brewing Company has challenged pioneering Manchester furniture designer, Liam Hopkins of Lazerian, to create something unique in six weeks. Liam has taken inspiration from Meantime and their brewing craft, choosing to create a one-of-a-kind bar stool from recycled brewing waste. Liam designed and made this unique piece of furniture in six weeks – the same time it will take Meantime to brew a beer for him.   

Meantime recently launched ‘Make Time For It’, a campaign celebrating the care and attention afforded to every keg and bottle of Meantime beer, showcasing the master craftsmanship of their brewers. Meantime mature its beers for up to six weeks, allowing the beer to mature and mellow for greater flavour.
Liam’s creation is the first of six collaborations across six key cities for the ‘Make Time For It’ campaign. The campaign will showcase the abundance of craftsmanship and innovation throughout the UK. Each handpicked craftsman has been challenged to create a bespoke product which will form part of a pop-up ‘Make Time For It’ bar which will be unveiled in London at the end of the campaign.
With just six weeks to design and build his creation, Liam pushed his skills and expertise to the limit as he set about constructing an ambitious two-seater bar-stool made of brewer’s waste - a paper by Gmund which is made from brewers spent grain. The beautifully crafted bespoke design takes inspiration from Meantime, their brewery and beers. The inventive use of key brewing ingredients elevates a seemingly humble bar stool into a true work of art.

Liam Hopkins, Designer and founder at Lazerian, says:
“We’re always trying to push the boundaries of our craft using modern technology, which is in line with Meantime’s approach to brewing traditional beer styles with a modern twist. There’s a lovely synergy between both of our very different crafts and I enjoyed the six week challenge to produce a unique piece inspired by Meantime, their values and beers.”
‘Make Time For It’ launched in, Manchester,  then Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol, and Brighton, before returning to London, Meantime’s home turf. The specially designed pieces from each of the six craftsmen will be featured in Meantime’s ‘Make Time For It’ Pop Up Bar at the end of the campaign in October. The bar will be open to the public at the London Bridge City Summer Festival, ‘London Riviera’ exhibiting the best of British craft and will be the perfect drinking environment in which to take time over a beer.