Cardboard Skoda Karoq

Commissioned by Skoda to recreate the Karoq out of cardboard. With just a real car to work from Liam Hopkins had to recreate each panel from scratch. 600 hours later the LAZERIAN edition was born.

skoda karoq cardboard karoq

The Kid Karoq was commissioned by ŠKODA to celebrate the launch of the brand’s new compact SUV, The interior layout of the Kid Karoq was inspired by the results of a ŠKODA survey, which asked 1,000 under-11s what they’d pack into their perfect car.
Among the highest polling features were the ability to play music of their choice (42.5%), a tablet to play and stream programmes on (67.6%), and an integrated movie projector (35.4%) – perfect for watching family favourites.

skoda karoq alloys


cardboard skoda

The car - which took 600 hours to painstakingly craft - was inspired by the survey’s results which found that almost three-quarters (72.7%) of children have built their own cardboard creations.

skoda karoq

cardboard karoq

 The Kid Karoq took ten weeks to build and is exactly the same size as the real car: 4.4 metres long and 1.6 metres tall. Inside, the Kid Karoq has all the features highlighted in the survey – plus some additional goodies. Mini-motorists can climb into a hand-crafted driver’s seat and play with a portable games console that has been installed into the dashboard display.

kid karoq

The cardboard centre console also houses a digital tablet that controls a set of wireless Canton speakers, and mirrors many of the features found in the real Karoq’s 9.2-inch Columbus infotainment system; meaning kids can choose the music without pesky grown-ups changing the track. In the absence of the LED ambient lighting found in the real Karoq, children can dance the day away under a multi-coloured disco ball.

cardboard car

lazerian cardboard car


kids cardboard car

cardboard car lazerian skoda

lazerian edition cardboard karoq

cardboard skoda

A slide and ball pit takes pride of place in the Kid Karoq; containing over 1,500 balls – the precise number of balls that fit into the real Karoq’s cavernous 1,810 litre boot space. Other features include WiFi hotspot, a film projector, play-time bean bags and a toy box. The design team even managed to create asecret den underneath the bonnet where children can keep an eye on the outside world through cleverly disguised spy holes.

The behind the scene film by Slant Media