The Pilcrow Pub - NOMA

Public houses continue to change to adapt to British public mood and The Pilcrow is intended to be a modern, Manchester-built pub of distinction. Point of difference is inherent to the concept as it will be developed by, rather than reacting to the ideas, skills and requirements of the people in and around it. Lazerian was one of a number of specialist studios called on to provide a conceptual visual platform on which the project could be launched.


Plans to develop The Pilcrow on a central Manchester site, connected with the Co-Operative Group’s new sustainable neighbourhood NOMA, required a physical representation of its architectural premise as a tool for communication and further thought. Graphic designers, craftspeople and digital artists would all be engaged in the project, with volunteers invited to develop new skills and put them into practice to add new element’s to the pub’s design and build. Lazerian joined other creatives in considering how The Pilcrow would establish its position as both a social space and a centre for skills development and knowledge sharing.

While still at a largely conceptual phase, the absence of detail for what will exist within The Pilcrow meant that simplicity was called for when giving an impression of physical presence. Lazerian communicated a sense of scale, opportunity and ethos of contemporary design by hand-bending a wire frame model, before spot-welding each component into place and spray painting the model in a vibrant orange.

As with other prototypes, plans and objects coming together for the project, the model of The Pilcrow will be incorporated as part of the pub’s collection of artefacts for ongoing reference and learning, becoming one of the first such items to be commissioned and completed for the project.