Ping Pong Sculptures

Commissioned to create a series of ping pong sculptures to reflect and symbolise Ping Pong and the world we currently live in. The collection consisted of a cctv camera, a hammer, a hand, a teapot, a pill and a 42.


Symbolising the intensity of a game of ping pong from spectators. It also represents the fact that we are always being watched by cctv cameras from somewhere without us even knowing. 
Representing the addictive nature of ping pong and in addition how much people rely on drugs for health and social situations.
The hand symbolises the human interaction with the game and the fact we are all loosing sight to the handcraft of items with moving into a digital age
Representing the social side to the sport. It was also the first 3d computer graphic item which brings us into todays 3d digital computer age.
The meaning of life

Everyone wants to win and hammer the person at the game and also the destruction that one does to the world without much thought