Sensory System Installation

Lazerian were approached by Arup Architects in Manchester, UK to design an installation for the Penguin Pool event at their offices in the city.

A leading international consultancy in many disciplines including design and architecture, Arup instigated a series of inspirational events named The Penguin Pool. Taking place at office locations around the world, the title of the events was drawn from the company’s 1935 London Zoo commission to create a new penguin pool. The result was the beautiful, grade 1 listed modernist structure that people can still visit to this day.

The event would be attended by people from across the creative spectrum, hearing speeches from some of the world’s most gifted orators. On this occasion, the event was based around the senses and what that means for design and creativity.

These talks took place in front of Lazerian’s unique installation, a complex arrangement of individually cut components, based on the human five sense nervous system. Created from 100% recycled material, in this instance the carcasses of old television sets, it was made from a number of five-sided modules, representing the five senses, connected to make an infinite lattice network. The structure was reflective of the characteristics of sensory neurons, capturing the theme of the event.


Video footage of the event, with the Lazerian installation seen behind the speaker, can be seen here.