Augmented Reality Dog

Purina is an international brand, recognisable to dog owners the world over as a market leading provider of dog food. Part of the Nestle portfolio of brands, Lazerian was commissioned by the company to design and create a 3D dog for promotional purposes at events in the USA.

Renowned for the creation of Gerald, the paper dog that has toured the world, the studio was well equipped to start work on a new canine creation. The free standing sculpture made entirely out of paper was produced to a new, bespoke design consisting of individually designed components that were carefully cut, scored and glued together.

The dog provided Purina with the basis for an augmented reality experience, whereby passers-by using Blippar, a smart phone application, would be able to use the dog as an interactive illustration of the pet food’s biological benefits. On viewing the dog through the application, the journey through the body would begin.

Working with paper is first nature to Lazerian, creating easily transportable, yet complex structures for use around the home, commercial premises, exhibitions and numerous other sites where clients have asked for innovative solutions.