Paper Clouds - Dialogue - Habitat

Paper Clouds saw Lazerian come together with the legendary British interior design house, Habitat and Norwegian artist, Kim Thome for an installation called Dialogue at the Platform Gallery, London.

Looking for a considered response to the geometric forms found in a new range of wallpapers, Habitat set Lazerian free to return with a 3D interpretation of the patterns, while Thome considered what story could be told in 2D. The installation would see the differing approaches play off or complement each other, while raising the launch of a wallpaper range from simple corporate communications to an experience in contemporary art and design.

Lazerian fabricated a series of ‘paper clouds’ from the wallpaper itself, installing intricate yet simple geometric shapes in mid-air. A growing project, the installation lasted six weeks and grew by more paper clouds with each passing week, until the space was full. Thome worked in stark contrast to Lazerian, working with mirrors to create an optical response to the geometry of the wallpaper’s patterns.

Having entered a period of organisational change, the Dialogue exhibition helped to signal a new era for Habitat after nearly half a century of iconic and accessible furniture and home accessory design.

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