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Donation of recycle vapes from UOMSEI

In today’s rapidly evolving world, sustainability has become a key focus in every field, including engineering. The University of Manchester Society for Sustainability-Driven Engineers, known as UOMSEI, is a remarkable initiative that brings together students who share a passion for sustainability and engineering. This society aims to create a supportive environment for students to explore their interests, foster interdisciplinary communication, and actively contribute to integrating sustainability into engineering developments.

One recent project undertaken by UOMSEI members deserves special attention for its unique approach in highlighting the issue of electronic waste and recycling- this involved raising awareness about vape recycling and disposable vapes. In this blog post, we will delve into the incredible work done by UOMSEI and the significant impact they have made in raising awareness about sustainability and in particular the work they have done in conjunction to disposable vapes.

Promoting Sustainability and Collaboration

UOMSEI provides an invaluable platform for like-minded students to come together and collaborate on various sustainability-focused projects. By facilitating interdisciplinary communication through talks and projects, the society encourages students from different engineering disciplines to share their knowledge and perspectives. This collaboration not only enhances their understanding of sustainability but also fosters creative solutions to complex environmental challenges.

Integrating Sustainability into Engineering Developments

One of the key objectives of UOMSEI is to research and engineer methods for incorporating sustainability into engineering developments. In line with this goal, UOMSEI members have been actively engaged in designing and 3D printing vape recycle bins, with a particular focus on collecting single-use vapes. Shockingly, in the UK alone, we discard enough vapes annually to cover 22 football pitches. To tackle this issue, UOMSEI has strategically placed vape recycle bins in prominent locations such as the Manchester University Student Union and Owens Park, with plans to expand to more locations in the future. To find your nearest contact UOMSEI directly.

Vape donation to Lazerian

UOMSEI recently visited Lazerian, to donate a collection of recycled single-use vapes to contribute to the creation of a life-size replica of a race car using electronic waste. Commissioned by Envision Racing, this project aims to highlight the urgency of recycling electronic waste. The use of vapes in the creation of the race car adds a unique and colorful touch, attracting attention and creating awareness about the issue at hand.

The donated vapes have been repurposed to enhance the aesthetics of the race car, with their vibrant colors becoming an integral part of the car’s design. By incorporating the vapes, UOMSEI and Lazerian demonstrate the creative potential in repurposing electronic waste and encourage viewers to rethink their consumption habits and the impact on the environment.

The donation of vapes by UOMSEI members, Sam and Tammi, to the Lazerian project holds immense significance in highlighting the issue of electronic waste and its potential for recycling. Recognizing the environmental impact of single-use vapes, which are often discarded without proper recycling, UOMSEI took proactive steps to address this problem.

Aware of the alarming statistics that reveal the staggering amount of vapes being thrown away in the UK annually, UOMSEI saw an opportunity to make a difference. They embarked on a mission to collect these single-use vapes and repurpose them as part of the Lazerian project commissioned by Envision Racing.


By donating a substantial pile of vapes to the Lazerian workshop, UOMSEI members not only prevented these devices from ending up in landfills but also contributed to a unique and thought-provoking art installation. The vapes serve a dual purpose in the project: they enhance the visual appeal of the life-size replica race car and symbolize the issue of electronic waste.

The colorful effects and distinct characteristics of the vapes add an intriguing element to the design, making the race car eye-catching and captivating. The vapes will be skillfully incorporated into the car’s structure, ensuring they become an integral part of the artwork.

By repurposing the vapes, UOMSEI and Lazerian not only bring attention to the problem of electronic waste but also demonstrate the potential for recycling and upcycling. The vibrant colors and unique properties of the vapes contribute to the overall aesthetics of the race car, making it a compelling visual representation of sustainability and recycling.