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The Art of Gerald: Lazerian’s 3D Dog Logo Through Multifaceted Forms

In a bustling landscape of small creative studios and design houses, Lazerian stands out as a beacon of innovation. More than just a name, Lazerian embodies an ethos—striving for impeccable design fused with stories of a deeper narrative and detail. Central to our visual story is  Gerald, a 3D dog logo that has leaped off the paper (and various other materials) to become a symbol of Lazerian’s spirited creativity. Let’s embark on a visual journey, exploring the metamorphosis of dog Gerald, unveiling the essence of Lazerian’s design prowess and the philosophy behind their choice of materials.

The Making of an Icon: Gerald’s Journey

From Paper Art and beyond

From inception to now, Gerald has captured the imagination of design enthusiasts worldwide. This canine creation is more than a corporate identity; he’s a character, a brand ambassador, and a work of paper art in his own right. Lazerian’s decision years first to adopt the idea of a 3D dog as their emblem was an exercise in subtle audacity. It reflects an ability to infuse approachable charm into even the most complex design narratives, a quality that echoes in their broad portfolio of work.

Gerald, an origami-inspired artwork, began life years back as an emblem of mischief and companionship between friends. Crafted with precision and love, the dog has since evolved, taking on new forms and personalities to align with varied projects, commissions and stories. The magic of Lazerian lies in this adaptability—celebrating the same symbol in a fresh light with every reinvention.

Copper Canine: Gerald’s Metallic Form

One of the standout adaptations of Gerald is his transformation from paper into copper. This material shift from paper to metal is not just alchemical; it’s emblematic of the studio’s embrace of industrial aesthetics. The copper Gerald project not only mesmerised onlookers with its detail, its size and its lustrous patina but also acted as a homage to metalworking as a high art form. The subject and reference for commissions for years it was found that the paper dog needed a new perspective.

Copper’s intrinsic qualities—malleability, durability, and a life of its own with age—infused Gerald with a regal persona, a statement piece that found its place in both traditional and modern spaces. This iteration also echoed Lazerian’s pursuit and idea of sustainable luxury, a place where materials are chosen for their enduring nature and reusability, not just for their size or their beauty.

The Felt Touch: Ideas of Gerald in a Different Fabric

Enter Felt Mistress, a renowned textile artist, and her contribution to Gerald’s legacy. The felty incarnation of Gerald the dog was inspired by a softer, more tactile presence, resonating with a playful yet profound reiteration of the studio’s aesthetic. It conveyed warmth, inviting touch, and interaction—a logo that not only represented but beckoned.

The felt version also underscored Lazerian’s commitment to collaboration, especially when working with artists who bring their unique perspectives and stories to the table. This Gerald explored the realms of transdisciplinary work, where art and design converge to create emotionally resonant spaces and objects.

Felt Mistress was involved in the infamous Gerald exhibition where it was decided that different artists, designers and other various creatives would put their own spin on the dogs coat.

Side view of a black dog sculpture covered in black felt with yellow red and grey small squares of felt dotted around it. DEsigned and created for an international exhibition curated by design leaders Lazerian. Artist and designers were invited to showcase their own designs onto the large dog sculptures. This design is by international artist felt Mistress.
Close up of a felt covered dog sculpture. Covered in black felt with small squares of grey, red and yello. A close up of the neck area. Design by Felt Mistress and part of an exhibition by designers Lazerian. Several artist and designers were asked to contribute by putting their own signature designs onto the dog model.
Close up of a dog sculpture showing its nose which is covered in black felt. From the artist and designer Felt Mistress and showcasing her signature style. For an exhibition from designers Lazerian who invted creatives to design using their own signature styles.

Wired Wilderness Life: Gerald in Motion

Lazerian’s most recent foray into 3D dog art is a Gerald made from wires and recycled materials found everywhere, showcasing an unprecedented level of sustainability and eco-design. This incarnation of dog is not just symbolic but functional, advocating support for the environment through its very structure. It’s a testament to the studio’s vision and support of a greener, more conscious artistic universe.

This version of Gerald in motion stands as a beacon for the design industry, a signpost to a future where commitment to artistry goes hand in hand with ethical responsibility. It pictures Lazerian as an avant-garde studio not just aesthetically but also philosophically, leading the charge towards a more responsible approach to creativity.

Embodying the Brand: Gerald and the Lazerian Philosophy

The multiple avatars of Gerald—copper, felt, and wires—aren’t just design exercises; they’re artistic manifestos, involved in igniting the sensory experience. Each rendition symbolizes various threads of Lazerian’s narrative—their love for material and form, for tradition and innovation, for storytelling through every small detail of each piece, every curve and crease.

The brand’s commitment to sustainability, community, and collaborative art is mirrored in Gerald, as he continues to shape-shift, mirroring the studio’s evolving strategies, ideas and outlook. The 3D dog stands as a symbol of Lazerian’s adaptability, underlined by their conviction that true design is alive and ever-changing.

Augmented Reality: Gerald Meets the Digital Frontier

The collaboration with Purina marked a groundbreaking endeavor, uniting the tangible art of Gerald with the intangible, ever-expanding realm of augmented reality (AR). In a symphony of cutting-edge technology and meticulous design, this project culminated in the creation of a unique AR experience that breathed virtual life into the iconic 3D paper dog. At the crest of technological artistry, Lazerian propelled the idea of Gerald into the digital age, effectively redefining interaction and blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds. This futuristic portrayal of Gerald immersed users in an avant-garde narrative, allowing them to witness the intersection of creativity and the digital ecosystem, fostering a profound connection to Purina’s ethos of care and innovation. Lazerian’s commitment and ability to forging immersive experiences through AR underpins their status as pioneers at the vanguard of design and technology, effacing the mundane to reveal a world replete with limitless potential.

A purple paper dog made to demonstrate an AR experience at a exhibition. Purina's AR Dog Model: FortiFlora Probiotic Unveiled
A purple paper dog made to demonstrate an AR experience at a exhibition. A presenter is showing the screen that displays the inside digestive system to a child
A purple paper dog made to demonstrate an AR experience at a exhibition.
State-of-the-Art Technology Meets Pet Health: Purina's AR Display. A purple paper dog diplayed as on a iphone screen. You can see the inside and digestive system of the dog
State-of-the-Art Technology Meets Pet Health: Purina's AR Display. A purple paper dog diplayed as on a iphone screen. You can see the inside and digestive system of the dog
State-of-the-Art Technology Meets Pet Health: Purina's AR Display. A purple paper dog diplayed as on a iphone screen

Gerald’s Global Odyssey: An International Exhibition

The Gerald odyssey transcended borders, showcasing Lazerian’s unparalleled craft on a global stage through a series of exhibitions held in some of the world’s most prestigious cities: New York, Milan, London, and Manchester. The international exhibition became a grand celebration of design diversity, assembling creations from over 100 of the finest artists and designers across the globe. Each adaptation of Gerald revealed the detail of its creator’s unique interpretation while also echoing the harmonious vision of Lazerian—a testament to the studio’s foundational belief in the universality and unifying power of art.

In the lively, bustling avenues of New York and the historical, art-soaked streets of Milan, through the famed galleries of London and the industrial brilliance of Manchester, Gerald became an ambassador of innovation. The exhibitions were not merely displays; they were lively dialogues between cultures, disciplines, and ideas, all converging around the idea of the iconic paper dog. This endeavor carved out Lazerian’s place on the international map not just as a label, but as a harbinger of the avant-garde, defining the very essence of transformative and aspirational design in a palpable, collective experience.

A Future in Sculpted Barks and Bites

As Lazerian continues working to push the envelope, one can only anticipate what new horizons Gerald will find to explore. Perhaps we’ll see a living wall installation that integrates greenery with his silhouette, or a light installation that casts his shadow anew every evening. The only certainty is that each transformation will be an ode to creativity, sustainability, and the indomitable spirit that defines this extraordinary design studio.

Witnessing the evolution of paper, of Lazerian’s iconic 3D dog is akin to observing an art movement’s trajectory—each piece tells a story, navigates change, and embodies the soul of its creator. In Lazerian, the paper art of Gerald is a living, breathing chapter, forever etching the studio’s ambition and imagination onto the canvas of design history. So keep your eyes peeled, and your hearts open, friends, because every art fan knows that the true masterpiece is the story behind the brushstrokes. In Lazerian’s world, paper art of Gerald is that brushstroke—one that carves, colors, and charms the very fabric of creation.

Gerald Unleashed: Tales of Creative Exploration

To immortalise Gerald’s global journey, Lazerian encapsulated the essence of its international exhibition in the creation of the “Gerald Book.” This meticulously crafted publication transcends mere documentation; it’s a compendium of creativity, honoring the shared visions and individual artistic flairs of collaborators who brought Gerald to life on paper. Available at the Lazerian Shop, this book extends Gerald’s essence—an artifact symbolising the enduring nature of transnational art and the convergence of multidisciplinary talents. Each page unveils a layer of Lazerian’s philosophy, showcasing their commitment to not only creating wondrous objects but also fostering community and collective ingenuity in art.

The Gerald Compendium: A Chronicle of Design Excellence

The culmination of Gerald’s diverse representations from a 2D logo to a 3D paper art form, born from countless creative dialogues over a year, resulted not just in an exhibition but in the creation of an unparalleled artifact: a meticulously crafted tome chronicling this transformative journey. The conception of such a compendium demanded devotion to excellence in every aspect. Thus, a unique partnership with James Cropper, the esteemed British paper manufacturer, was forged to honor the designs’ intrinsic merit. Printed in a limited edition, each of the 120 unique paper canines—spawned by the genius of 101 designers—found its rightful place within the pages of this hardbound volume. With only 101 copies available, priced symbolically at £101 each, Lazerian’s thematic vision is evoked.

In collaboration with the talented designer Daren Newman, Lazerian engaged with paper artisans in Cumbria, ensuring that the volume not only reflected Gerald’s essence but also celebrated the masterful craftsmanship of the paper mill. The selection of papers, varying in weight and adorned with fluorescent inks and foil details, highlights the publication’s exquisite physicality. Bound in linen and hermetically sealed with wax, the book’s presentation in a bespoke plywood ‘kennel’—a blend of digital fabrication and traditional handwork—epitomises the studio’s fusion of old-world sensibilities with modern innovation.

As Gerald’s paper art likeness journeyed across continents—from New York to London, from Sheffield and beyond—the creators reconvened in celebration of this magnum opus. Limited editions were graced with signatures, infusing the copies with their spirits anew. The Gerald Compendium not only preserves artistic collaborations but also stands as a testament to Lazerian’s visionary legacy—where design, technology, and heartfelt storytelling merge into the essence of conceptual grandeur.