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Environmental Art and its importance on Earth Day

An acknowledgment of Earth Day (22nd April) this piece goes into depth about the importance of Environmental Art and its impact- not just on Earth Day but every day

22 Apr 2023

Creativity V Innovation- What’s the difference?

Creativity and innovation are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Understanding the difference between creativity and innovation is important for individuals and organizations looking to develop new products, services, or solutions that can make a meaningful impact on the world.

21 Apr 2023

Recover E- How to make a Formula E mini racing car model (video edition)

A video guide with a step by step process of how to create a mini Formula E race car in preparation for the Recover E global competition. This can be viewed in conjunction with the written guide instructions here

18 Apr 2023

Recover E instruction guide

Make your own Formula E mini racing car. As part of our global competition join our race against climate change and use this guide to make your mini model.

12 Apr 2023

Castlefield Viaduct – Manchester’s garden in the sky

A look at a new project dubbed The Manchester Sky Garden at Castlefield Viaduct brought to us by The National Trust, The Peoples Postcode Lottery, and Castlefield Forum.

10 Apr 2023

Mini Formula E- school visits for the launch of Recover E

Lazerian alongside Envision Racing, a Formula E racing team, has set up a global competition for young people to help the race against climate change and visited several Manchester-based schools to launch

06 Apr 2023

Eco-friendly materials at Lazerian Space

Lazerian Space is a true sustainable creative project. Looking at some of the materials used in the creation of the concept shows exactly why they have remarkable and positive eco-credentials

26 Jul 2021

Colourology and Lazerian Space

A look at how colour has influenced and shaped the creative aesthetics of LAZERIAN SPACE with regards to what they represent and the emotions behind them.

05 Jul 2021

AJOTO x OLIVIA ASPINALL STUDIO pen rest collection in collaboration with Lazerian

The story of how creativity and experimental methods as well as teamwork can help to produce a premium product that is not only aesthetically pleasing but eco-friendly and sustainable too.

18 May 2021

Earth Day 2021- Lazerian and sustainable design

A look at Lazerian and its Eco-credentials as well as future objectives with regards to sustainable art and design sculpture pieces and commissions.

22 Apr 2021

Gerald Artist spotlight- Jang Koal

Gerald artist spotlight on Jang Koal – the Korean pop-surrealist artist behind ‘037 Geh Gerald’. A look at her work, background and inspirations.

14 Apr 2021

COGGLES x Lazerian

Read about how international fashion retailer Coggles worked with Lazerian to achieve their vision of a S/S 21 campaign that is filled with expressive colour, bold prints and joyful dressing.

12 Apr 2021

Cotton On Mcr open call

Cotton On Mcr are to host their first standalone art exhibition hosted at Manchester’s own Saul Hay Gallery featuring artists found via an open call. There will be a ‘best piece’ prize featuring guest judge Liam Hopkins.

08 Mar 2021

MF Doom tribute ft Benji Reid & Lazerian

A tribute to the recently departed hip hop genius MF DOOM – a preview of a photographic comic strip soon to be released which is the result of a creative collaboration from Lazerian and Benji Reid – a renowned Choreo Photolist.

04 Feb 2021

Gerald Artist Spotlight- Daren Newman

Daren Newman worked on several Gerald designs including 015- ‘Arts and Crufts’ and a large scale Unique Gerald named ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’

12 Oct 2020

5 best sculpture parks in the UK

A pick of the 5 best outdoor sculpture parks in the UK. Each featuring a mixture of different styles, beautiful open air spaces as well pieces from both established and upcoming artists.

01 Oct 2020

Terence Conran – British designer and founder of Habitat and the Design Museum dies aged 88

A look at how the late Sir Terence Conran shaped the design world and how he promoted the best of British design, art and culture around the world.

26 Sep 2020

50 Windows of Creativity

A peek into an upcoming project this autumn, Manchester art trail- 50 Windows of Creativity by Bee in the City creators Wild in Art

10 Sep 2020

Overworked Bee

Overworked Bee is a art sculptural piece currently on show at Manchester based art gallery Saul Hay. Featured in the exhibition FORM- a celebration of contemporary British sculpture.

03 Sep 2020