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On the 22nd January, the Marriott unveiled the Birmingham opening of its lifestyle boutique brand- Moxy Birmingham. Situated literally on the doorstep of the NEC it’s a trendy affordable hotel that has the heart of a boutique hotel with awesome design as well as being compact yet spacious.

Famed for theming the hotels in respect of their locality Moxy Birmingham is no different from the accents of musicality being spotted almost as soon as you step foot inside the door.

The hotel is filled with stylish nods to the music industry which is because its within throwing distance of the NEC, who host some of the world’s most famous musicians.

We were delighted to be involved with this amazing brand and when we got the call to design and make a bespoke statement piece to entice customers to the checkout desk it was easy to say yes.

To keep up with the ethos of Moxy and also adhere to some of Lazerians key principles, music and musicality had to heavily feature within the design of the piece. To get that connection and association to the place it was evident that sound would play a big part in this. Actually adding sound though was out of the question due to the footfall and different events that will take part in the foyer (not only is it a welcome area it is also the place to party, eat. work and play! This obviously has to encounter a lot of different styles and tastes which need to be considered)

How to embrace the idea of sound, music, and place was a tricky one but after some well thrashed out ideas- Soundwaves was born.

The actual phrase ‘At the Moxy Birmingham’ was recorded (At the Moxy is also the well know hashtag used by the Moxy for there social media platforms so this was a great connection to the company) It was then put into a sound visualiser. Then the line form from the soundwave was taken and turned into a 3D form.
The next stage of the design process was to accommodate the space by making sure the sculpture stayed clear from any services in the ceiling of the reception area. It was also important that the design took the visitor on a journey and into the hotel in a particular direction and towards the reception desk.

Design features such as LEDs were added to the final design which can be driven by sounds or just put to certain sequences or colours. At the minute the sculpture is set to the iconic purples and blues of the Moxy brand colours but the opinion to be able to change these due to certain dates and events is at hand. This allows the piece to be diverse and interchangeable and best of all distinctive and diverse.

Design features such as LEDs were added to the final design which can be driven by sounds