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Driving Change: Envision Racing’s Recover E Campaign Chronicles Sustainable Triumph

In a historic moment at London’s 100 Wardour St, Envision Racing celebrated victory at The Race Media Awards 2024, securing the coveted “Most Inspiring Campaign” award for its groundbreaking Recover E initiative which was the best sustainability campaigns of the year. Presented by Motus One CEO Omar Al Farooq, this recognition encapsulates creative excellence, genuine impact, and global influence in motorsport marketing, communications digital marketing, and PR, as well as practical and accessible solutions for future generations.

Envision Racing win Most Inspiring Campaign for their eco friendly marketing campaigns such as Recover E

The Significance of E-Waste Awareness

Electronic waste (e-waste) stands as the fastest-growing solid waste stream globally, outpacing population growth by threefold. The urgency of responsible e-waste management is underscored by the fact that less than a quarter of the e-waste produced in 2019 underwent formal recycling. Envision Racing’s Recover E campaign emerges as a beacon, directing attention to this critical global warming issue and inspiring a reevaluation of our role in the e-waste crisis while promoting sustainable practices.

Electrical wires to highlight e-waste issues. Helping selling sustainable products.
Old iPhones to highlight the problem of e-waste in a box in a state of disrepair.

The Genesis of Recover E: Lazerian’s Visionary Collaboration

Collaborating with Lazerian, who are also very environmentally conscious, Envision Racing embarked on a mission to create a fully functional replica Gen 3 racing car from discarded electronic waste inspiring consumers to make a climate change promise. Commissioned with a clear vision, Lazerian and Envision Racing’s commitment to sustainability resulted in an unprecedented endeavor that pushed the boundaries of innovation and environmental consciousness. The idea being that they encourage more sustainable habits and forward on a sustainable message as well as promote conscious consumption and environmental values for people now and future generations. Lazerian, in fact, have created a race car for Envision, made from plastic waste, in pursuit of eco friendly choices.

Lazerian’s Transformative Journey: Crafting a Drivable Gen 3 Race Car from E-Waste

The journey began with a call to action, urging individuals and businesses to contribute electronic waste. Contributions from Music Magpie and Manchester University Society UOMSEI played a pivotal role in the completion of the e-waste race car. In the workshop, every donated piece was meticulously dismantled by Liam Hopkins, unveiling the intricate world of microchips, circuit boards, and wires within key component.


Formula E race car made from e-waste. On display at the Formula E world championships.

E-Waste Race Car: A Profound Statement in Art and Innovation

The e-waste car, an exact replica of a Gen 3 racing car, transcends being a mere project; it’s a profound statement challenging preconceptions and redefining possibilities at the intersection of innovation and sustainability. A testament brand sustainability, to human creativity and resourcefulness, this fully drivable e-waste car was launched at the London E-Prix.

Recover E Campaign Impact Beyond the Track

The Recover E initiative extended its impact beyond the racing track by engaging youngsters aged 8-21. A competition in collaboration with Cartoon Network encouraged participants to design their own model cars from disused electronics. Winners from the UK, Mexico, and the Philippines were identified, highlighting the global resonance of the initiative.


Schoolgirls- 2 with headscarfs and 1 without looking at miniature Formula E car made from e-waste.

E-Waste Pledge and Sustainable Chain Initiative

Envision Racing reinforced its eco-friendly marketing efforts, by launching a special e-waste pledge, garnering an additional 49,242 pledges. The ‘Sustainable Chain’ initiative, aiming to raise awareness to educate, engage, and empower sports towards sustainability, welcomed prominent members like Arsenal FC, England Rugby, and the All-England Lawn Tennis Association.

Global Recognition and UN Goodwill Ambassador’s Endorsement

The Recover E initiative earned global press attention, featured by prominent outlets like the BBC, New Scientist, and Wired. UN Goodwill Ambassador and actor Aidan Gallagher officially unveiled the e-waste race car, emphasizing the campaign’s success in promoting sustainability, raising awareness, and inspiring positive change.

The Urgency of E-Waste Management

E-Waste, the fastest-growing solid waste stream globally, demands urgent attention. Recover E emphasizes the importance of responsible handling and recycling, aiming to harness valuable and finite resources within electronic relics.


Aidan Gallagher jumping from a Formula E race car made by Lazerian entirely from E-waste
Actor and UN goodwill ambassador Aidan Gallagher with his back to the camera and his Envision Racing outfit on

Paving the Way for Sustainable Innovation

Envision Racing’s Recover E campaign, crowned the Most Inspiring Campaign at The Race Media Awards 2024, transcends motorsport realms. It’s a beacon of hope, inspiring a paradigm shift towards sustainable design and responsible e-waste management. This groundbreaking initiative beckons us to envision a future where discarded electronics contribute not just to high-speed excitement on the racetrack but also to positive change for our planet. Recover E, with its fusion of art, innovation, and sustainability, is a testament to the power of collective action in driving meaningful change.Envision Racing’s Recover E campaign, crowned as the Most Inspiring Campaign at The Race Media Awards 2024, serves as a beacon of hope in the world of motorsport marketing. By ingeniously transforming e-waste into a fully functional race car, Envision Racing has not only set a precedent for sustainable design but has also ignited a global conversation about the urgency of e-waste management. As the world looks towards a more sustainable future, marketing campaigns just like Recover E pave the way for innovation creating awareness, education spread awareness, and positive environmental impact.