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Race Against Climate Change and winners of the Recover E competition

On the eve of the London E-Prix, the Race Against Climate Change live event took place in London in conjunction with Envision Racing.  The event was organized in partnership with the New Scientist, the UK Government, and the Accelerating to Zero Coalition, in response to the World Meteorological Organisation’s alarming report that the 1.5C climate threshold was likely to be breached by 2027.

The event brought together leading figures from various sectors, including business, sport, policy, entertainment, science, and technology. They gathered to discuss the critical role of electric mobility in achieving a sustainable transition and the importance of circularity in this process. The urgency to act to keep the 1.5C target alive was emphasized throughout the event.



One of the highlights of the event was the inspiring talk by world-renowned environmentalist Dr. Jane Goodall DBE, who emphasized the significance of inspiring the next generation to continue the fight against climate change. The conversation with actor and environmentalist Aidan Gallagher was also noteworthy, as they discussed how to harness the power of public engagement to drive action and accelerate change.

During the event, the winners of the ‘RECOVER E’ waste-to-race’ competition were announced. Liam Hopkins of Lazerian, alongside Aidan Gallagher, had the honor of choosing the winners. These winners were recognized for their innovative ideas and contributions to tackling waste issues and promoting sustainability.

The Race Against Climate Change live event was a crucial platform for raising awareness and fostering collaborations to combat climate change and promote a sustainable future. With the pressing deadline to limit global warming to 1.5C, the event aimed to galvanize action from all sectors of society and inspire a collective effort to address the challenges of climate change.