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Opening night and Unity launch at Smolensky Gallery

Attending the gallery opening of Smolensky at the ABC building in Manchester was a fantastic experience. The Strictly invite party was bustling with people, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. The gallery had opened its doors to launch the “Unity” exhibition, which showcased the works of 22 talented artists from different parts of the world. Their artworks were dotted around the space, creating a beautiful and thought-provoking visual display.

Liam Hopkins- one of the artist at Unity, a exhibition at one of Manchester galleries Smolensky, posing with his art sculpture which is a huge steel hand entitled Irony of Gesture
Crowd at Smolensky gallery opening night chatting and admiring artwork that is part of the new Smolensky building in the ABC building manchester
Crowd at smolenskys gallery opening celebrating a move to the ABC building in Manchester
2 girls posing with Lazerians large sculpture- Irony of Gesture, both of them making the same signs as the actual sculpture

The highlight of the exhibition was Lazerian’s “Irony of Gesture,” which took centre stage and was very well received by the guests. Many visitors were captivated by the intricate design and unique features of the sculpture, and some even wanted to be photographed with it.

It was great to meet so many like-minded people from the art world and have conversations with art collectors, gallery owners, artists, and other creatives. The party was a three-hour affair, but it felt like time flew by as guests streamed in and out of the gallery’s massive doors. The live music from John Haycock and Pablo Blanquito added to the festive atmosphere, and the drinks flowed freely.

Joe Wilson, the owner of Smolensky gallery, and Andy from the gallery were on hand throughout the event to greet and assist guests in a professional and friendly manner. They were both very approachable and knowledgeable about the artwork on display, which added to the overall experience.

Their presence helped create a welcoming atmosphere that allowed guests to fully appreciate the artwork and engage in meaningful conversations about the pieces. Joe and Andy’s dedication to providing exceptional customer service was truly admirable, and it made the event even more enjoyable for everyone who attended.

For anyone who’s interested in contemporary art, you need to make sure to visit the exhibition before it ends. With the expertise and passion of Joe and Andy, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience at the gallery.

A shot of a bust crowd at a successful gallery launch in central Manchester
Liam and Claire of Lazerian posing with Irony of Gesture- a Lazerian art sculpture at Smolensky gallery in Manchester

With the artwork from the numerous artists adorning the walls, the exhibition was a great success. The Smolensky gallery will now be open from 11 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday. If you’re in Manchester, be sure to stop by and witness the Unity exhibition yourself. It’s an excellent opportunity to see some beautiful and inspiring works of art and meet some fascinating people from the art world.