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Music Magpie and their Sustainable Initiative: Helping to transform E-Waste into Art and Awareness

The proliferation of electronic devices has undeniably improved our lives, but it has also given rise to a pressing issue: electronic waste, or e-waste. E-waste poses a significant environmental challenge globally, with millions of tonnes of unwanted tech being discarded each year. However, companies like Music Magpie are stepping up to tackle this problem head-on. In a groundbreaking partnership, Music Magpie has donated a substantial amount of unrefurbished e-waste to Lazerian, to create a replica of the Envision race car. Lazerian has previously worked with Envision to create a plastic version but is now in the process of building a car using electric waste.  This collaboration not only promotes the sustainable reuse of electronic components including old phones but also aims to raise awareness about e-waste management.





Old iPhones to highlight the problem of e-waste in a box in a state of disrepair.
Unwanted electricals and technology orientated smart home gadgets in waste bins with recyclable potential. Used to highlight the issue of electronic wasteand raise public awarenss to the significent amount that is largely present.

The Growing E-Waste Crisis- Rapid Growth Resulting in Social Problems

According to the UN Global E-waste Monitor 2020, the volume of e-waste generated worldwide reached a staggering 53 million tonnes in 2019, a 21% increase in just five years. Alarming predictions suggest that global e-waste could nearly double to 74 million tonnes by 2030. This rapid growth is largely driven by the prevalence of inexpensive electronics with short replacement cycles. If left unaddressed, e-waste poses significant risks to both the environment and human health.

The Role of Music Magpie- The smart way to buy and sell quality tech

Music Magpie, a leading UK-based recommerce company that is smart for the planet, has long been committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship as well as helping people to earn extra cash and save money. Their core business involves refurbishing and reselling consumer technology items, ensuring that approximately 95% of the products they receive find new homes. However, acknowledging the challenge of e-waste that cannot be refurbished or resold, Music Magpie decided to take proactive steps to minimize its impact and to stop them from entering landfill. By partnering with Lazerian and donating the majority of their unrefurbished e-waste, they have exemplified their dedication to finding innovative solutions to the e-waste crisis. By having a clear out of old games and books and using Music Magpie you can get a good price for selling but also rebuy certified refurbished tech second hand.

Lazerian’s Creative Reimagining

At Lazerian we have embarked on a groundbreaking project using Music Magpie’s donated e-waste. Our objective is to create a replica of the Envision race car, showcasing the transformative potential of e-waste as a valuable resource. By deconstructing electronic devices and repurposing their inner components, such as batteries from vapes and innards from game console controllers, Lazerian aims to demonstrate that e-waste can be utilized creatively, not only as artwork but also in practical applications. This endeavor aims to inspire individuals to think differently about e-waste and encourage them to explore alternative recycling methods.

The Urgent Need for Awareness

Hundreds of Millions of e-waste products are being placed into landfills 

The joint efforts of Music Magpie and Lazerian serve a larger purpose: raising awareness about the critical issue of electronic waste. E-waste, composed of discarded electronic products with batteries or plugs, poses significant environmental and health risks when mishandled. When improperly disposed of in landfills, harmful chemicals can seep into the soil, and toxic fumes are released when incinerated. Additionally, failing to recycle e-waste means valuable materials like gold, silver, and platinum cannot be reclaimed, perpetuating resource depletion.


Music Magpie’s Environmental Impact

As an industry leader, Music Magpie has been actively promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices through their business operations. Their commitment to refurbishing consumer technology items and restoring disc media to a “like new” standard enables them to add value and resell around 95% of the products they receive. This dedication to reusing and extending the lifecycle of electronics significantly reduces e-waste. Furthermore, Music Magpie’s ongoing efforts to create awareness about used e-waste highlight their commitment to environmental sustainability.