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Lazerian’s Artistic Journey with Glossop Creates: Fostering Connections and Transforming Communities

Glossop Creates

Glossop Creates, a dynamic campaign aimed at supporting and empowering the creative industry sector in Glossopdale, has announced the selection of Lazerian as the artist in residence for their Pairings program. This exciting partnership seeks to explore the transformative power of art and creativity in fostering connections within Glossop’s community and enhancing its vibrant cultural landscape. The exciting creative research project is in collaboration with Glossopdale Furniture Project. This residency will focus on exploring sustainable approaches to furniture making, design, use, and recycling, with the aim of integrating these practices into large civic projects and public spaces. Lazerian’s expertise and innovative artistic vision will contribute to shaping the future of interior design, storytelling, and community engagement in Glossopdale.

Exploring the Pairings Residencies

The Pairings Residencies, funded by a generous grant from Arts Council England, form a crucial part of Glossop Creates’ commissioning program. In this second phase, Lazerian, along with two other local artists, will embark on a research and development journey, investigating various themes and developing creative responses in collaboration with the host partner.

Research Questions and Curiosities

Glossop Creates is driven by a series of thought-provoking research questions, which serve as guides for the Pairings Residencies. Lazerian’s work will revolve around exploring how communities can harness creativity to connect with Glossop’s rich heritage, environment, residents, and industries. By delving into the role of art in connecting people to place and encouraging curiosity and dialogue among diverse groups, Lazerian will contribute to fostering a sense of pride and belonging in the Glossop community

Supporting Healthy and Inclusive Spaces

One of the primary goals of Glossop Creates is to create healthy places where residents and visitors feel happy and thrive. Lazerian’s artistic exploration will investigate how art and creativity can contribute to this vision, supporting the creation of a healthy and inclusive environment. By involving various stakeholders in decision-making processes and promoting inclusivity, Lazerian will help shape the cultural landscape of Glossop to be representative of its diverse community.

Unveiling Sustainable Furniture Making

Throughout the residency, Lazerian will delve into the realm of sustainable furniture making, examining techniques, materials, and processes that minimize environmental impact while maintaining aesthetic excellence. By investigating local resources and considering Glossopdale’s unique characteristics, Lazerian will infuse a sense of place and local inspiration into the design and creation of furniture pieces. The goal is to develop a sustainable approach that can be embedded in civic projects and public spaces, fostering a culture of environmental consciousness and responsible design.


“I'm so excited to announce that I am partnering with Glossopdale Furniture project for this research residency. Through this opportunity, I have the chance to bring my unique creative vision and knowledge of sustainable and circular economy thinking to the people of Glossop and surrounding areas. I'm thrilled to be part of such an amazing initiative, and hope to make a difference in the community. We develop emotional connections to the furniture we use, many of which come with stories and memories to unlock and share. I am interested in how this emotional connection and sharing these stories can encourage reuse and upcycling and discourage a throwaway mentality.” Liam Hopkins- Lazerian

Designing a Sustainable Circular Economy

Another crucial aspect of Lazerian’s residency will be exploring the potential for a sustainable, local circular economy. By infusing art and creativity into the dialogue surrounding sustainability, Lazerian will contribute to the design and development of innovative solutions that promote environmental stewardship and local economic growth. This exploration will align with Glossop Creates’ commitment to supporting and strengthening the town’s independent businesses and creative enterprises. One of the first projects is a colour palette creation

Embedding Sustainability in Civic Projects

Glossopdale Furniture Project and Glossop Creates envision a future where sustainable design principles are integrated into large civic projects, leaving a lasting positive impact on the community. Lazerian’s residency will explore ways to incorporate sustainable furniture and interior design practices in these projects, creating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also environmentally conscious. By showcasing the possibilities of sustainable design, Lazerian will inspire other artists, designers, and community members to prioritize eco-friendly approaches in their creative endeavors.

Engaging Audiences through Storytelling

The power of storytelling will be a key aspect of Lazerian’s residency. Through their artistic practice, Lazerian will explore how narratives and storytelling can be woven into the design and use of furniture, enhancing the connection between the audience and the spaces they inhabit. By considering potential audiences and their diverse experiences, Lazerian will create furniture pieces that evoke emotions, memories, and a sense of belonging. This storytelling approach will contribute to the creation of meaningful and engaging public spaces that resonate with the people of Glossopdale.

Collaboration and Inspiration from Glossopdale

Lazerian’s residency will not take place in isolation but will be deeply rooted in the local community. The rich heritage, landscapes, and stories of Glossopdale will serve as inspiration for Lazerian’s creative exploration. Engaging with residents, community groups, and local organizations, Lazerian will gather insights, perspectives, and narratives that will inform their artistic process. This collaborative approach will ensure that the furniture pieces created during the residency reflect the authentic spirit of Glossopdale and foster a sense of pride and connection among its residents.

“Lazerian’s work spans various genres, processes, industries and sectors. No two projects are truly the same. Individuality and pushing boundaries is what Lazerian stands for and that is exactly what we wanted for the pairing with Glossopdale Furniture Project. The Glossop Creates Pairings commissioning programme takes an action-research approach, inviting artists to develop ideas and creative methodologies whilst creating high quality, locally relevant work that increases local engagement with culture and the local environment. For our Pairings Artist Residency programme we link an artist / creative practitioner to undertake a creative research residency with an issue, business or geographic point of interest that is integral to our community. “Lazerian’s work spans various genres, processes, industries and sectors. No two projects are truly the same. Individuality and pushing boundaries is what Lazerian stands for and that is exactly what we wanted for the pairing with Glossopdale Furniture Project.” ‍ Steven Dexter- Glossop Creates

The Living Room

A Space for Collaboration and Reflection: As part of their residency, Lazerian will be encouraged to actively engage with Glossop Creates’ Living Room concept. The Living Room serves as a digital archive and soon-to-be physical space where residents and visitors can explore Glossop’s local stories, past memories, and future aspirations. Within the Living Room’s “Guest” section, Lazerian will have the opportunity to collaborate with local communities, sharing their research, findings, thoughts, and creative responses. Through this collaboration, Lazerian will contribute to the ongoing creation of a living history of Glossop, highlighting its unique character and fostering a sense of pride and connection among its residents.

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With Lazerian as the artist in residence for Glossop Creates, the Pairings Residency promises to be a transformative journey. Through Lazerian’s artistic exploration and collaboration with the Glossop community, this partnership will deepen connections, encourage curiosity, and promote inclusivity, ultimately enhancing the cultural landscape of Glossopdale. Glossop Creates celebrates the power of art and creativity in generating ideas and addressing local challenges, with the potential to inspire similar initiatives in other communities near and far.