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Greater Mancunians

A landmark photography project from Manchester College supported by Manchester City Council, Greater Mancunians is a fantastic venture for the area.

Featuring individuals who are born, bred or made their home within the current Greater Manchester border and have in some shape or form culturally shaped the city and its surrounding boroughs.



Liam Hopkins, owner and designer of design studio Lazerian at work. He is sanding his mascot Gerald that has been sculptured out of wood.
Head design and owner of contemporary art and design studio Lazerian. Staring into the distance he has one of his wooden contemporary sculptures that have a modular form to form a modern tree structure.
To be featured as one of Manchester's greatest cultural influencers is such a honour. I am especially proud of my Northern roots and its great to see Manchester being so prominent in the creative world.

Different characters such as musicians, sportsmen/women, entertainers, entrepreneurs, politicians, actors, comedians, artists and community champions have all been invited to be photographed in poignant or significant locations in their lives.

When Liam Hopkins (owner and head designer at Lazerian) was chosen it was immediately obvious the place he was going to choose- his beloved workshop.

The Lazerian workshop is a multitude of high tech machinery as well as creative traditional handcrafting tools . Full of intriguing and astonishing design prototypes and products it was the perfect place to photograph Liam.

Liam Hopkins artist and design from design studio Lazerian sitting in his workshop on the bottom of a set of stairs showing off his innovative contemporary artistic designs and sculptures. Part of the Greater Mancunians exhibition

Photographed by two of Manchester Colleges finest student- Cerys Manford and MJ Smith and interviewed by Harry Potts, (the main co-coordinator and supervisor of this creative project as well as a Manchester College tutor)

Throughout this project all the photography and art direction is being controlled by the students in an attempt to provide talented young students employability/work experience skills which are so vital when breaking into the creative industries.

The photography and stories are all published online with Liams story being amongst other great Mancunians such as Shaun Ryder, Lemn Sissay, Peter Hook and Helen Pankhurst.

“Manchester has a reputation for innovation and creativity, It’s a city where people don’t wait around to be asked, it’s full of people who get stuff done and others follow”