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Glossop Creates… A colour palette with Artist in Residence Liam Hopkins

Our very own Liam Hopkins is calling upon the community of Glossop to participate in an exciting collaborative project called “Glossop Creates.” In partnership with Glossopdale Furniture Project (GFP), Liam aims to co-design a unique color palette that represents the essence of Glossop, a town filled with distinctive places, spaces, textures, and objects.

To make this project a success, Liam is requesting the help of the residents. He is encouraging people to capture photographs that encapsulate the spirit of Glossop according to their own perspectives. These images can showcase anything that resonates with the town’s identity and character. Whether it’s a scenic landscape, architectural marvels, everyday objects, or intriguing textures, Liam wants to see them all.

Participants can submit their photographs and a brief description through direct messages on social media or by adding them to The Living Room website. By visiting the website, participants can click on the “submit” button, navigate to the gallery section, and fill out the form conveniently from their mobile or desktop devices.

Once Liam gathers all the submitted images, he will use them as inspiration to create a custom color palette. This palette will serve as the foundation for designing exciting new furniture pieces that are not only visually appealing but also affordable and sustainable. Liam plans to utilize preloved donations and offcuts of wood from GFP to bring these creations to life.


Lazerian is deeply committed to sustainability and is proud to be part of a project that embraces this ethos. By collaborating with Glossopdale Furniture Project (GFP) and utilizing preloved donations and offcuts of wood, Lazerian aims to create furniture pieces that not only exhibit exceptional design but also promote environmental consciousness.

The project’s focus on sustainability aligns with Liam’s personal values as an artist and designer. Lazerian is known for its dedication to eco-friendly practices, utilizing recycled materials, and minimizing waste throughout its creative process. By incorporating Glossop’s color palette into these sustainable furniture items, Liam hopes to inspire a greater appreciation for conscious design and responsible consumption.

Moreover, Liam and Lazerian have a genuine love for Glossop and its unique character. Glossop’s charm lies in its diverse landscapes, fascinating textures, and distinctive objects found within the town. Liam recognizes that the community’s perspectives play a vital role in capturing the true essence of Glossop. By inviting residents to contribute their own photographs, Liam is emphasizing the importance of individual perspectives and celebrating the diverse ways in which people perceive and connect with their surroundings.