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Envision Racing Wins Campaign of the Year at BASIS Sustainable Sport Awards for Groundbreaking Recover E Initiative

Envision Racing, the reigning Formula E world champion this season, proudly clinched the esteemed Campaign of the Year award at the 2023 BASIS Sustainable Sport Awards for leading their innovative and impactful Recover E initiative. The honor was bestowed upon them at the prestigious awards ceremony held at the All-England Lawn & Tennis Club in Wimbledon, London.

The groundbreaking Recover E campaign was conceived and created as a response to the growing concern about electronic waste, recognized by the UN World Health Organization as a significant and escalating threat to the environment. Envision Racing aimed not only to raise awareness about e-waste but also to make campaigns that emphasize and understand the critical significance of recycling appropriately and foster a shift towards a more sustainable, circular economy.

Electrical wires to highlight e-waste issues. Helping selling sustainable products.

Creation of the world’s first Formula E e-waste race car

Their pioneering approach involved partnering with Lazerian to create the world’s first fully electric and drivable Formula E race car, constructed entirely from e-waste. This team and exceptional endeavor not only brought excitement to life on the racetrack but also shed light on the alarming global issue of e-waste. The team and unique car was unveiled live on the popular BBC program ‘The One Show’, captivating audiences worldwide.

The environmentally conscious race car project stands as a testament to the art and innovation, artfully integrating donated electronic components from school children and young people. The fusion of tens of thousands of discarded items such as iPhones, chargers, laptops, cables, game consoles, batteries, and more formed the core components of this remarkable machine, serving as a powerful marketing message to raise awareness about the urgent need for recycling and repurposing our digital relics.

A replica of a electric race car- a world first as its is created soley from e-waste. This will be on display at the United Nations for an ambitious climate action plan
Formula E race car made from e-waste. On display at the Formula E world championships.
Aidan Gallagher jumping from a Formula E race car made by Lazerian entirely from E-waste

Recover E competition inspires children globally

In addition to the fully functional racing car’s unveiling at the London E-Prix in July, Envision Racing also conducted a competition encouraging youngsters aged 8-21 to design their model cars using their obsolete electronics. Partnering with Cartoon Network, winners from the UK, Mexico, and the Philippines were eventually recognized.

The team further launched a special e-waste pledge on their company website, expanding their ‘Sustainable Chain’ initiative to 12 pledges. Impressively, over 49,000 companies and individuals have already committed to reducing their e-waste.

E-waste is the fastest-growing solid waste stream globally, expanding three times faster than the world’s population. Alarmingly, less than a quarter of e-waste generated in 2019 was formally recycled, despite its full value and containing valuable and finite resources that could be reused through appropriate recycling methods.

Worldwide media coverage spread the awareness of e-waste problems

The Recover E initiative garnered widespread global attention from esteemed media outlets, including the BBC, New Scientist, Wired, Dezeen, ITV, and more, accumulating over 100 media coverages with a combined reach (broadcast and print) of nearly 1.7 billion.

On social media, clips of the e-waste constructed car, unveiled by UN Goodwill Ambassador Aidan Gallagher, garnered over seven million views, with nearly 700,000 engagements across various channels, demonstrating significant public interest and brand engagement.

Who is BASIS?

BASIS Sustainable Sports Awards aims to educate, engage, and empower sports in the UK to lead in sustainability. It actively seeks to build partnerships with organizations dedicated to this mission, including members such as Arsenal FC, England Rugby, and the All-England Lawn Tennis Association, among others.

Envision Racing’s recognition as the Campaign of the Year stands as a testament to its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and raising awareness about the pressing global issue of e-waste. Their inspiring initiative sets a remarkable example for the sports industry and beyond, highlighting the power of innovation and collaboration in addressing critical environmental challenges.