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Envision Racing and Lazerian: Driving Sustainability at COP 28

A Green Revolution on the Horizon

As the world turns its attention to COP 28 in Dubai, Envision Racing, the reigning FIA Formula E World Champions, stands at the forefront of a green revolution. Breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of sustainability, the team is set to be the sole sports representative within the prestigious ‘Blue Zone’—an exclusive area reserved for global leaders and climate decision-makers.

The Heart of the Showcase: The Recover E Car by Lazerian

At the core of Envision Racing’s COP 28 exhibit is the extraordinary Recover E car, a symbol of sustainable innovation and collaboration with design pioneers, Lazerian. Lazerian, known for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable design, played a crucial role in designing and creating the Recover E car, the world’s first full-sized, drivable Formula E car made entirely from electronic waste.

A replica of a electric race car- a world first as its is created soley from e-waste. This will be on display at the United Nations for an ambitious climate action plan
A close up of several different coloured iphones on a replica race car. The purpose of the image is to show a race car at a climate change conference Cop 28 in Dubai. It will highlight scientific participation and focus on implentatio of fast trackingworld events with regards to pollution measures.
Critical raw materials and valuable materials in the form of electronic boards to raise the issue of electrical and electronic waste. To try to make producer responsibility organisations aware

Collaborative Innovation: Lazerian and Envision Racing’s Sustainability Projects

The partnership between Envision Racing and Lazerian extends beyond the racetrack, encompassing a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. Notably, Lazerian and Envision Racing have collaborated on various projects, including the creation of the first Recover E race car—a remarkable replica constructed entirely from single-use plastic.

The Circular Economy Vision in Action

Crafted from discarded electronic devices such as disposable vapes, mobile phones, laptops, and batteries, the Recover E car embodies the circular economy vision championed by both Envision Racing and Lazerian. This collaborative effort underscores the transformative power of recycling electronic waste and showcases the importance of innovative design in addressing the environmental challenges of our time.

Beyond the Racetrack: Envision Racing’s Global Campaign

Envision Racing, in partnership with Lazerian, is on a mission to amplify awareness of the human impact of e-waste. This dynamic duo urges individuals to reconsider their consumption habits and embrace the principles of reuse and recycling. The Recover E car, born from this collaboration, stands as a beacon of change—a testament to how sustainability and cutting-edge design can converge to create a brighter, more environmentally conscious future.

4 formula e track workers wheeling a replica electric race car on a track. The race car is expected to minister a lot of conversation about the framework convention on climate

Taking Center Stage at COP 28

As Envision Racing takes center stage at COP 28, the collaboration with Lazerian adds a unique dimension to their narrative. Together, they highlight the intersection of sports, design, and sustainability, driving global change toward a more eco-friendly and sustainable future. The Recover E car, with its futuristic design and environmentally friendly construction, symbolizes the potential for positive change when innovative minds come together for a shared cause.

In the midst of COP 28’s formal negotiations and discussions, the Envision Racing exhibit serves as a living testament to the transformative power of collaboration and design thinking in the fight against climate change.

Showing a green background with a circle which is the world with green land and blue sea. It also has COP in white lettering and 28 in green. Also UAE is in white lettering. Underneath this is Unite, Act, deliver. First global stocktake that will take place at unfccc cop with advanced technology at the expo city. Has a nature feel

Understanding COP28: A Global Climate Conference

Overview of COP (Conference of the Parties)

COP, short for Conference of the Parties, serves as a vital global climate conference where governments worldwide come together to negotiate and agree upon policies to address the pressing issue of climate change. The upcoming COP, designated as COP28, is scheduled to take place in the United Arab Emirates from November 30 to December 12, 2023.

The Essence of COP28

COP28 marks the 28th edition of the Conference of the Parties, symbolized by its shortened name. This conference is a crucial gathering where governments, referred to as parties, assemble to fulfill their commitments to combat climate change.

Participants and Expectations

Anticipated to host over 70,000 participants, including heads of state, government officials, industry leaders, private sector representatives, academics, experts, and youth representatives, COP28 is set to be a diverse and influential congregation.

Key Discussions and Workstreams

COP28 is tasked with progressing through various workstreams, including finalizing details on the loss and damage finance facility to aid vulnerable communities, establishing a global finance goal to support developing countries in their climate change efforts, accelerating both an energy and a just transition, and addressing the substantial emissions gap.

The Inaugural Global Stocktake

An essential element of COP28 is the conclusion of the first-ever global stocktake. This process enables countries and stakeholders to assess collective progress towards the goals outlined in the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Despite revealing that we are not on track to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the global stocktake provides valuable insights and solutions.

Decision-Making and Urgent Action

Governments participating in COP28 will make critical decisions regarding the global stocktake, aiming to leverage this assessment to elevate ambition in their next round of climate action plans due by 2025. The urgency to act is underscored by the global stocktake’s revelation of slow progress, emphasizing the need for COP28 to be a “can-do COP.” Countries must showcase how the array of tools and solutions proposed will be effectively implemented in the next two years to accelerate the pace of climate action. The window for meaningful change is closing, emphasizing the imperative for immediate and impactful decisions at COP28.

Polar bear on a iceberg showing the destruction caused by global warming
Dried earth and dead crops being shown as effects of global warming

What is the difference between the blue zone and the green zone at COP 28?

The blue zone

All of the official sessions, meetings, side events and press conferences are taking place in the “blue zone”, the formal conference and negotiation space managed by UN Climate Change. Only Party delegations, Heads of State, admitted observers and the accredited press can enter the blue zone.

The green zone

Beyond the official UN-organized part of the conference, COP 28 is also a platform to showcase solutions and pathways from the global community and civil society. The “green zone”, managed by COP28’s host country of UAE, is a space for youth representatives, artists, businesses, regional and local decision-makers and many other civil society actors to discuss, present and exchange ideas and solutions for a net-zero future in a more informal setting – for example in the form of presentations, podium discussions, poster sessions and exhibitions.