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Mini Formula E- school visits for the launch of Recover E

Image of Liam Hopkins, head of art and design studio Lazerian talking with microphone in hand in a large school hall type room chatting about creativity and sustainability and speed of Formula E cars on the track reporting all the latest news about electric vehicles

Lazerian, in collaboration with Envision Racing representatives, recently embarked on an inspiring mission to encourage creativity and sustainability among young students. The team visited several schools in the Manchester area to introduce the Recover E mini car competition to pupils between the ages of 11 and 16.

The Recover E mini car competition aims to inspire kids to be creative and utilize electronic waste to construct an electric race car. The competition urges students to take things apart, understand how they function, and use their imaginations to build something entirely new. The worldwide campaign with Envision Racing is all about promoting creativity and sustainability and ultimately doing this whilst creating an electric car and having fun.

During the visit, Lazerian and Envision Racing representatives visited two schools in the Manchester area – Cheadle High School and Whalley Range High School. At both schools, the team had the opportunity to speak to pupils about the importance of sustainability and the role that creativity can play in solving environmental problems. They shared insights and encouraged the students to think outside the box and embrace innovative ideas. Many students had questions about electric vehicles and electric cars in general and how they can help sustainability in the future which ensured a great conversation about our planet’s future was had.

Schoolgirls sat in a row wearing purple uniforms and black headscarves. One of the pupils is holding a brochure of a Formula E model making mini car competition
2 boys in school uniform of blue and gray ties and dark jumpers are sat together both looking at a mini model of a formula e race cars made using electronic waste talking about the speed on a track
Liam Hopkins of Lazerian, a art and design studio based in Manchester is sat on the front side of a real life formula e race car which is green and blue and part of Envision Racing. Liam is sat on the front tyre leaning nonchantly holding a smaller mini model of a race car made using electric waste.
3 students looking excited surounding and holding a mini formula e-car model made using wire and electronic waste.
2 schoolboys are smiling and looking at a mini model of a Formula E-car made using electronic waste.

To further inspire the students, the team brought along a real-life size formula E racing car, allowing the students to see and experience first-hand what an electric race car looks and feels like. The students were thrilled to see the electric car up close and learn more about its design and engineering.

In addition to the school visits, the team also visited Moss Side Millennium Powerhouse to meet with kids representing schools in the area as Global sustainability ambassadors. The team engaged with the young ambassadors, discussing ideas on how to make a positive impact on the environment and create a sustainable future

2 school boys are excitedly touching the inner driving seat area of a formula e racing car. The car is bright green.
Liam Hopkins of Lazerian- a multidisclipnary art and design studio is stood with microphone in hand smiling at his audience with a large screen with his presentation behind him
Schoolgirl on a table with classmates but with the focus just on her. She is laughing and smiling in excitement as she flips through a paper booklet displaying the Recover E competition rules

Overall, the visit by Lazerian and Envision Racing representatives was a massive success, inspiring young students to be creative and innovative while promoting sustainability. The Recover E mini race-car competition is an excellent way to engage students in sustainable practices, encouraging them to think critically and problem-solve in a fun and exciting way. As Lazerian has worked on previous sustainability projects with Envision the importance of this is always at the forefront of both companies ethos.