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Eco-friendly materials at Lazerian Space

Lazerian Space is all about helping to bring people into a space where they can enjoy art and culture as well as feeling relaxed within a gallery environment. However the concept is a multi-layered approach. In addition to not only offering a multi-sensory immersive experience there is another side that is equally, if not more important than the rest. Sustainability has always been the forefront of Lazerian and its ideology, Within several previous projects the materials, processes and design have all been carefully selected with eco-credentials in mind.

Choosing who we work with (whether that be client, supplier or service provider) has always and always will be closely monitored and researched for their ethical processes, environmental management practices and its environmental impact as a product or a service. When the idea of Lazerian Space started to become more than an idea in a head, it was almost an unspoken rule within the Lazerian team that we use materials with positive impacts on the environment.

Below are a rundown of just some of the pro-environmental materials that were researched, sourced and finally chosen, with great consideration, to be part of the construction and creation of Lazerian Space


The outer layers of the 6 stations within Lazerian Space had to be a standout material to attract the attention they deserved. Also the colours were always going to be within the snug interior so it was decided that the outer skin of the pods needed to be effective but also not deflect all the attention from the inner being a sanctuary within.

As an eco-aware studio, Lazerian Space was always going to consider a metal that has a reputation of being not just sustainable but also energy efficient.

A single pod in Lazerian Space- in a side view. We can also see a red carpet that matches the fabric within the aluminium pod. As part of Lazerian Spce, a multi- sensory, immersive space combining art, sustainability and innovation. As part of Lazerian Spce, a multi- sensory, immersive space combining art, sustainability and innovation.

Aluminium is the one of the most frequently used metal in the world  (just pipped at the post by Steel) It’s extremely versatile, lightweight, durable and 100% recyclable.

In fact Aluminium is actually known as the ‘green metal’ due to its eco-credentials. It’s is the most recycled metal on the planet. Aluminum is an extraordinarily versatile material – it is easily machined, cast, drawn and extruded. The range of forms it can take (castings, extrusions and tubes, sheet & plate, foil, powder, forgings, wire, insulation, etc.) and variety of surface finishes available (coatings, anodizing, polishing, etc.) means it lends itself to a wide range of products


Oceanic (by Camira)

One of the biggest concerns for the environmental factor of the project was trying to source a fabric that was high quality, stylish and the right colourways as well as obviously eco-friendly and help to make Lazerian Space as sustainable as possible.

After intense investigation it was decided that Oceanic be the fabric of choice.
Oceanic is a fabric born of the SEAQUAL Initiative designed to combat marine plastic pollution and achieve a waste free environment. It is createdentirely from post-consumer recycled plastic – from debris floating discarded in our seas, used to make SEAQUAL yarn, to bottles thrown away and destined for landfill. One small drop in the mission to clean both the earth and its ocean, this contemporary fabric is
a recycled polyester with a purpose.

A image depicting recycling and different materials in an example of what is made up of materials that can be used for art and design pieces

Expertly crafted and saving our ocean one bottle at a time, each metre of Oceanic is woven from yarn made from 26 plastic bottles. Delicately dyed using cat-ionic yarn, this multi-tonal textile combines and contrasts a light warp with a deeply saturated weft. With an intricate twill weave, this visual detail creates a subtle pattern – enhancing both the considered colour and careful construction of the fabric.

Taking its strength from the raw material from which it was originally created, the material used is a highly durable textile, tough enough for a life not only on the seas but also on the seats it furnishes. Blending a soft fluidity with a high level of performance, it is ideal for inclusion in the creative concept experience of Lazerian Space.

Carefully curated colours with a refined selection are ideal for the hues needed to create the spectrum wanted for the space. The deep bold intense colouration of the fabrics selected  guaranteed the intense saturation that was necessary for the design.