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E-waste race car unveiled at 2023 Hankook London E-Prix

The London E-Prix weekend was an exhilarating affair, with the ABB Fia Formula E World Championships taking center stage. Over Saturday and Sunday, the excitement soared as the final two races of Season 9 determined the champions. The unique setting at ExCeL London, with its indoor and outdoor circuit, provided a thrilling backdrop for the wheel-to-wheel action.

Amidst the racing frenzy, history was made as the track weaved its way around the ExCeL exhibition center and the iconic Royal Docklands. This marked the first time a top-level international motorsport event incorporated both indoor and outdoor sections.

The title of champions was claimed by Envision, emerging victorious after a Round 16 win by the impressive driver, Nick Cassidy, securing their position ahead of the factory Jaguar TCS Racing team.

In an eventful Round 15 of the Hankook London E-Prix, Jake Dennis took the second spot, securing his victory in the 2022/23 ABB FIA Formula E World Drivers’ Championship, while Mitch Evans crossed the finish line first for Jaguar TCS Racing.

Formula E driver Sébastien Buemi talking to Envision Race Team boss Sylvain Filippi about the Formula E-waste race car. They are stood behind it and in animated conversation
A back view of actor and environmentalist Aidan Gallagher with a race team uniform on for Envision Racing.

Beyond the racing action, Envision Racing showcased an innovative and sustainable concept. They unveiled the Formula E Gen3 ‘Recover-E’ car, entirely constructed from electronic waste (e-waste). The car was designed in collaboration with British artist and designer Liam Hopkins, who creatively repurposed donated electronic devices from the UK tech company Music Magpie and schoolchildren. iPhones, chargers, laptops, batteries, and single-use vapes formed the car’s body, highlighting the pressing issue of global e-waste generation.

With e-waste production projected to reach 75 million tonnes globally by 2030, the Recover-E car aimed to raise awareness about this environmental concern. It garnered attention not only in the pitlane but also in the Allianz Fan Village, as spectators marveled at this winning formula for sustainability.

“Unfortunately, today, we choose to discard and replace electronics instead of repairing and recycling them, leading to a global e-waste crisis. Through design and creativity, we want to show the issue of e-waste and its potential to accelerate the creation of a circular economy," Liam Hopkins- Lazerian
4 Envision workers rolling in the Formula E race car made using e-waste. . Champions of Sustainability: Envision Team Proudly Presents Eco-Friendly Formula E Race Car Crafted from E-Waste, Rolling into the Limelight at FIA Formula E Finale, London ePrix, Excel London
A back view of the Formula E E-waste car from Lazerian being handled by Envision employees to take to the track
Front view of the Formula E e-waste car made entirely from electronic waste. Made by artist and designer Lazerian
"Through this campaign, the team wants to increase awareness of the human impact of e-waste and the need to reuse and recycle old electrical products," Envision Racing
Close up of the e-waste Formula E race car made entirely from electronic waste. You can see blue iphones, vapes and silver covers of laptops and ipads.
A side view of the e-waste Formula E race car on track side at the world championships in London
“Alongside testing new battery technology for cars, we are on a mission to tackle e-waste and ensure the precious metals, minerals, and materials in old laptops, mobile phones, and other electrical devices are extracted and reused," Sylvain Filippi, Envision Racing’s Managing Director and CTO