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Citizens of Manchester- Liam Hopkins

Manchester, a city known for its industrial heritage and thriving creative culture, is home to an extraordinary mix of people who contribute to its vibrant identity. In an ambitious campaign to capture the essence of this city and the individuals who shape its character, Marketing Manchester has launched “Citizens of Manchester.” This project aims to tell the captivating stories of those who are truly the life and soul of the Greater Manchester region.

The stories featured in “Citizens of Manchester” encompass a diverse range of individuals, from brilliant scientists to influential business leaders, dedicated students to innovative creative minds, and even familiar faces you might bump into on the bustling streets. These remarkable individuals share their unique narratives through the captivating medium of film.



Liam Hopkins at a school promoting eco friendly marketing campaigns for Envision Racing. He is stood in front of a screen that says

One of the distinguished personalities chosen for this project is Liam Hopkins, the owner and head designer of the creative studio Lazerian. His inclusion in “Citizens of Manchester” is well-deserved, as he has made a significant contribution to the creative industry, leaving an indelible mark with his innovative approach to design.

Liam Hopkins has not only impacted the local creative scene but has also put Manchester on the global design map through Lazerian’s international presence. His work showcases the city’s creative prowess and sets an example for aspiring designers and entrepreneurs. As he shares his story in this project, he provides a glimpse into his journey and his unwavering commitment to the city that has become his creative canvas.

Image of a large sculpture that is a tree made out of plastic with a plastic bottle around it. Made by Lazerian for Bruichladdich- sustainable whisky brand. The maker and creator Liam Hopkins of Lazerian is working on the sculpture in his workshop
Liam Hopkins of creative design studio Lazerian stood in front of one of his public art installations that was designed and created as part of the 50 windows of creativity project by wild in art during the lockdown period in Manchester. It is a cardboard piece made to resemble binoculars and 2 large white hands holding the binoculars either side.

Being asked to contribute to the “Citizens of Manchester” project is an accolade that recognizes the tremendous efforts and achievements of individuals like Liam Hopkins. It’s a testament to the city’s appreciation for those who make Manchester the dynamic and culturally rich place that it is.

As we delve into the stories of these extraordinary citizens, we gain a deeper understanding of Manchester’s multifaceted character and the people who shape its present and future. “Citizens of Manchester” is more than just a campaign; it’s a celebration of the heart and soul of a city that thrives on its diversity, innovation, and the remarkable individuals who call it home.